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      Visual Cortexes: Brain-Art Competition Shows Off Neuroscience's Aesthetic Side


      These spindly etchings depict the brain as if seen through the base of the head, with the forehead on the bottom. Almond-shaped amygdalae—regions that help the brain regulate emotion—are highlighted in yellow [ left ].In the illustration at right, titled "palsy-walsy," a clown face hides between the amygdalae and "exemplifies the problems in processing facial emotional content" in those on the autistic spectrum, the creators wrote in their entry...
      July 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      Zombies Ate My Brain! (and other tales)

      Imagine with me, for a moment, that the zombie invasion has begun. You try to escape, but the zombies are just too much to handle. You can’t run fast enough.
      February 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Sex and the Secret Nerve

      Could a little-known cranial nerve be the route by which human pheromones turn us on?
      January 1, 2012The Sciences

      Bees Appear to Experience Moods

      Provocative experiments suggest that insects have something resembling emotions
      June 1, 1998Mind & Brain

      The Neurobiology of Depression

      The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying. Emerging findings promise to yield better therapies for a disorder that too often proves fatal
      January 1, 2012Mind & Brain

      Scientists Manipulate and Erase Memories

      Drugs and other therapies may soon be able to alter or even delete recollections selectively
      November 1, 2014Cognition

      Neuroscience Reveals the Secrets of Meditation’s Benefits

      Contemplative practices that extend back thousands of years show a multitude of benefits for both body and mind
      October 1, 2012The Sciences

      Different Shades of Blue

      Women get sad. Men get mad. Depression comes in many hues
      November 1, 2018Public Health

      How Economic Inequality Inflicts Real Biological Harm

      The growing gulf between rich and poor inflicts biological damage on bodies and brains
      February 1, 1989The Sciences

      Computer Recreations, February 1989

      A tour of the Mandelbrot set aboard the Mandelbus
      July 1, 2012Mind & Brain

      Microbes Manipulate Your Mind

      Bacteria in your gut may be influencing your thoughts and moods
      August 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Where Mind and Body Meet

      Conscious physical sensation and conscious emotional awareness come together in the right frontal insula
      January 1, 2019Neuroscience

      Does Weight-Loss Surgery Rewire Gut–Brain Connections?  

      Bariatric procedures are revealing new insights into the dialogue between bowel and brain
      December 20, 2011Evolution

      Master Manipulators of the Micro-World

      Parasites are perhaps the greatest master manipulators out there in nature. Even though they are tiny, their numbers are mighty and they have a huge impact on individuals and even entire ecosystems...
      October 19, 2012Environment

      Bora's Picks (October 19th, 2012)

       Prospecting for Quasicrystals by Nadia Drake: The rock came in a box labeled “khatyrkite.” It didn’t look like much, just a chunk less than a centimeter long with a whitish rind and studded with several dark metals...
      May 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      Different Shades of Blue

      Women get sad. Men get mad. Depression comes in many hues
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