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      July 15, 2011Technology

      Friday Network Highlights #2

      Photo: Tony Hisgett on Flickr  What a great second week since the launch! The team is invisibly but surely improving the site, bloggers are blogging (see links below), and the buzz online on social networks has not subsided one bit!Here are some of the latest shout-outs we got in the blogosphere: BCLocalNews, Why Evolution Is True, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Science of Blogging, Superoceras, Immortal Coils, Ed Cone's WordUp and Terra SigillataYou should follow the Blog Network on Twitter - the official account is @sciamblogs and the List of all the bloggers is @sciamblogs/sciambloggers.Conversations on our articles and blog posts often continue on our Facebook page - "Like" it and join in the discussion.This is the end of the scheduled roll-out of the first posts by the network bloggers...
      April 15, 2011

      Giant Dino exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, or why I should not be a photojournalist

      As the Blog Editor at Scientific American, I come to New York City about once a month to work in the office, attend editorial meetings, and prepare the blog network for launch some time in the near future.This week, I was in town at just the right time to join our intrepid team of reporters on assignment: the press event leading to the opening of the new Giant Dino exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.Now that I work in a media organization, it is time for me to stop just criticizing from the outside and actually learn how the media works - from the inside...
      October 3, 2011Environment

      Hashtag Monday at #SciAmBlogs: #DonorsChoose, #Scio12, #OpenLab, #IgNobels, #Arseniclife and more...

      Lots of updates and news today.After sending out yet another reminder for bloggers to add their submissions we closed #openlab for submissions at 9am this morning, so now you can see the entire list of 721 entries here: Open Laboratory 2011 – the complete list of all submitted entriesWe have a new website for the upcoming ScienceOnline2012 conference, with lots of updates, so you can catch up in What is: ScienceOnline2012.As it is Monday, there is a new Image of the Week for you to check out.October is the DonorsChoose month, when blog readers help fund science projects in classrooms...
      December 28, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs - the Holiday Edition!

      - Ben Thomas - Meaning on the Brain: How Your Mind Organizes Reality - Karthika Muthukumaraswamy - Climate Model Coverage: Far from Model Journalism - Ingmar Hoerr - Cancer Immunotherapy—Where Are We Going? - Caleb A...
      July 29, 2013Book

      Fact or Fiction: Science Tackles 58 Popular Myths

      Did NASA really spend millions creating a pen that would write in space? Is chocolate poisonous to dogs? Does stress cause gray hair? These questions are a sample of the urban lore investigated in this eBook, Fact or Fiction: Science Tackles 58 Popular Myths . Drawing from Scientific American’s “Fact or Fiction” and “Strange But True” columns, we’ve selected 58 of the most surprising, fascinating, useful and just plain wacky topics confronted by our writers over the years...
      Fact or Fiction: Science Tackles 58 Popular MythsFact or Fiction: Science Tackles 58 Popular Myths
      September 2, 2013The Network Central

      Food Week on #SciAmBlogs network!

      You may have noticed that the September 2013 Issue of Scientific American Magazine is a special issue devoted to the topic of food, plus all the web-only exclusives.
      June 7, 2013

      Best Summer Books: SA`s Picks and Yours

      All year long Scientific American editors, bloggers and contributors mull over and write about recently published science books worth reading. These works cover everything from ancient quantum computing to surviving a mass extinction...
      May 1, 2015Behavior

      Why Do We Have Pets?

      People have an innate interest in other species, but we like having pets for a variety of social reasons
      January 24, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs - the post-#scio12 blues

      ScienceOnline2012 is over. Many bloggers (including 28 SciAm bloggers and blogging staff) were there. When meeting face-to-face, bloggers want to talk to each other rather than write blog posts or read blogs (they are likely to write their impressions of the meeting later)...
      March 28, 2016Book

      Ask the Experts: The Environment

      The fourth eBook in our Ask the Experts series, The Environment tackles questions about the world around us. In these pages, our experts field queries on the weather, natural disasters, natural resources, climate change and unusual phenomena...
      Ask the Experts: The EnvironmentAsk the Experts: The Environment
      September 1, 2015Mind & Brain

      Why Dogs Fit into Families So Well

      Behavioral scientists explore the reasons
      April 1, 2013Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Sunday - Wow! You want to see a week's worth of super-blogging?

      I am back! Surgery went well, and I am recovering nicely.Check out the new Image of the Week and Video of the Week.- Laura Jane Martin - Butterflies and Bombs - Kara Rogers - The Legacy of Lifestyle - Hilda Bastian - ‘Every breath you take, every move you make…’ How much monitoring is too much? - Kyle Hill - The Komodo Dead: What Really Kills in The Walking Dead - Sam Khosravifard - How Many Asiatic Cheetahs Roam across Iran? - Michael Fertik - Step It Up, Silicon Valley - Lawrence Rifkin - Is the Meaning of Your Life to Make Babies? - Jon Lieff - Emotional Needs in Teens May Spur the Growth of New Brain Cells - Anne-Marie Hodge - Laikipia Plateau: Intraguild Interactions on Camera - Felicity Muth - Homosexuality in female beetles, and what we can learn from it - Melanie Tannenbaum - Will changing your Facebook profile picture do anything for marriage equality?...
      December 12, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs - the incredible-ness of a week's output!

      Welcome back (to me). Vacations are funny things - while I did spend some more time offline, I did not shy away from being online. It's just that I felt just fine surfing the Web and reading interesting articles without feeling guilty in the sense of "you should be working instead"...
      May 1, 2013Biology

      Why We Cheat

      Scientists are unraveling the causes of fraud and dishonesty and devising new strategies for rooting them out
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