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      December 1, 2006Health

      Seeds of Concern

      Are genetically modified crops an environmental dream come true or a disaster in the making? Scientists are looking for answers
      August 11, 2009Environment

      Are Germ-Killing Soaps Affecting Dolphin Development?

      Dolphins are swimming in waters tainted with triclosan, an ingredient in antibacterial soaps and other products, but they aren't winding up squeaky clean
      November 17, 2008Environment

      Drill for Natural Gas, Pollute Water

      The natural gas industry refuses to reveal what is in the mixture of chemicals used to drill for the fossil fuel
      February 22, 2013Chemistry

      Fungicide Use Surges, Largely Unmonitored

      Farmers employ more and more fungicides of unknown safety, contaminating nearby waterways that suffer from inadequate oversight
      March 1, 2013The Sciences

      No More OJ? An Invasive Insect Threatens the Citrus Industry

      A devastating disease is killing citrus trees from Florida to California
      June 23, 1997Environment

      Interview with Barry Commoner

      A leading environmentalist reviews his long, contentious past and sets new directions for the future
      April 21, 2010The Sciences

      Toxicology: The big test for bisphenol A

      After years of wrangling over the chemical's toxicity, researchers are charting a new way forwards. Brendan Borrell investigates how the debate has reshaped environmental-health studies...
      June 1, 1986The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, June 1986

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