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      December 21, 2011Health

      Cruise Ship Bug Takes to the Skies

      Norovirus, famous for ruining cruises, sickened successive crews and passengers on an Air New Zealand plane. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 19, 2012Health

      Dish Color Affects Serving Size

      When dishes were the same color as the food served, people took bigger portions. Katherine Harmon reports
      December 27, 2011Biology

      Fat May Put Hypothalamus on the Fritz

      Obesity and high-fat diets might alter brain function, changing, in particular, the hypothalamus and hunger. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 10, 2012Health

      Soda Tax Could Turn Health Profit

      A penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened drinks would cut consumption, obesity and health care costs. Katherine Harmon reports
      February 14, 2012Health

      Stem Cells Help Heal Broken Hearts

      After a heart attack, cells from the patient's bone marrow can help improve heart function. Katherine Harmon reports
      September 27, 2012Health

      Kids Gulp 7 Trillion Calories Per Year

      Obese kids have higher cardiovascular risks as adults, and sugary beverages are stoking that obesity epidemic. Katherine Harmon reports
      October 16, 2012Health

      Your Fat Needs Sleep, Too

      A small study finds that sleep-deprived fat cells are less sensitive to insulin, a condition that often precedes diabetes. Katherine Harmon reports
      November 28, 2012Health

      E-Visits to Doctors Might Streamline Care

      A study finds that patients who enter information online about common infections get decent diagnoses from docs, although antibiotics may be overprescribed. Katherine Harmon reports.
      January 8, 2013Health

      Surgical "Never" Events Happen Nevertheless

      The errors known as surgical "never events," which are never supposed to happen, still occur some 4,000 times annually in the U.S. Katherine Harmon reports
      June 20, 2013Health

      New Runners Need Not Sweat over Shoes

      Run-of-the-mill neutral running shoes do not lead to more injuries for beginning joggers whose feet pronate or supinate. Katherine Harmon reports
      October 22, 2013Health

      TV Drug Ads May Cause Disinfo Swallowing

      An analysis of TV drug ads finds that six of 10 for prescription drugs and eight of 10 for OTC drug ads are misleading. Katherine Harmon reports.
      May 7, 2012Fitness

      Instant Egghead - How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

      Professional "free divers" have no trouble holding their breath for minutes at a time. What stops us from doing the same? In this episode, Scientific American 's Katherine Harmon--and Katherine Harmon--explore the limits of human physiology...
      Instant Egghead - How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
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