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      November 4, 2008

      One long campaign, one enormous carbon debt

      It's been a long slog to get to this election day. We all know the campaigns spent millions to get their messages across. But Bob Grant at The Scientist wondered about the environmental cost (log-in required)—specifically how much the campaigns of Sens...
      May 27, 2010

      Mud beats oil (so far) to stop Deepwater Horizon spill

      BP's "top kill" effort has halted the flow of oil from the Mississippi Canyon 252 well, according to U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, national incident commander for the oil spill response...
      March 15, 2013

      Obama to Announce $2-Billion Plan to Get U.S. Cars off Gasoline

      This afternoon, President Barack Obama will ask Congress to direct our cars, trucks and buses to a realm that doesn’t include gas stations. During a visit to Argonne National Laboratory, he will call for $2-billion energy security trust fund dedicated to research to boost automobile efficiency, enhance battery technology and expand the use of biofuels, among other clean-energy efforts...
      January 5, 2018Environment

      Trump Opens Vast Waters to Offshore Drilling

      Areas in the Pacific Ocean, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic Ocean, and much of the Eastern Seaboard are included in the new plan
      March 24, 2009Sustainability

      The Future of Oil Is in Deep Water

      That's not just because of the economic crisis slowing demand, remaining unexplored oil reservoirs are in deep waters offshore
      May 27, 2010

      "Top kill" goes on into the night [update]

      After a 16-hour pause to evaluate the effects of the "top kill" operation, BP plans to start pumping mud again this evening in an attempt to staunch the flow of oil from the MC 252 well in the Gulf of Mexico...
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