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      October 1, 1971The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist

      Experiments with wind: a pendulum anemometer and miniature tornadoes
      August 8, 2019Energy

      How Does Wind Energy Work?

      How do wind turbines convert wind into electricity? And can living near one really affect your health? Everyday Einstein explains
      March 1, 1998The Sciences

      Unsound Reasoning

      Are wind musicians loving tropical woods to death?
      October 1, 2012Environment

      High-Tech Kites Harvest the Power in Sea Breezes

      An airborne wind turbine turns sea breezes into electricity
      March 1, 1996The Sciences

      No Light Matter

      Precious helium is blowing in the wind
      April 1, 2008The Sciences

      Updates.... Whatever Happened To?

      Nanotubes -- Offshore Wind Power -- Synthetic Genome -- Stress at Work
      October 1, 2013Health

      Taste-Blind Mice Make Tangled Sperm

      Mice missing certain sensory genes wind up with busted gametes
      March 1, 2002Environment

      Blowing Out to Sea

      Offshore wind farms may finally reach the U.S.
      March 14, 2014

      Photo Friday: Titan supercomputer looks at cold weather wind

      Much of the world’s best wind resources lie in colder climates that can prove challenging for current wind turbine designs. This visualization is from research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where researchers are simulating the freezing of water droplets in order to help them in developing advanced wind turbines for cold climates...
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