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      January 1, 2004Mind & Brain

      The Quest to Find Consciousness

      By studying the brain's physical processes, scientists are seeking clues about how the subjective inner life of the mind arises
      June 1, 1998Mind & Brain

      The Neurobiology of Depression

      The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying. Emerging findings promise to yield better therapies for a disorder that too often proves fatal
      August 1, 2008Health

      Why Migraines Strike

      Biologists finally are unraveling the medical mysteries of migraine, from aura to pain
      January 15, 2019Fitness

      Proper Breathing Brings Better Health

      Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention—certain breathing techniques can make life better. But where do you start?
      September 1, 1992Mind & Brain

      Major Disorders of Mind and Brain

      Schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness are shaped by heredity and marked by structural and biochemical changes In the brain. The predisposing genes remain unknown
      September 1, 1992Mind & Brain

      Aging Brain, Aging Mind

      Late in life the human brain suffers attrition of certain neurons and undergoes chemical alterations. Yet for many people, these changes do not add up to a noticeable decline in intelligence...
      July 1, 2016Neuroscience

      Banking against Alzheimer’s

      Research has provided a host of clues to age-proofing our brains and making them more resistant to dementia
      September 1, 1979Mind & Brain

      The Chemistry of the Brain

      Signals are sent from one neuron to another by diverse chemical transmitters. These chemical systems, overlaid on the neuronal circuits of the brain, add another dimension to brain function...
      September 1, 1979Mind & Brain

      Thinking about the Brain

      Reflecting on itself, the human brain has uncovered some marvelous facts. What appears to be needed for understanding how it works is new techniques for examining it and new ways of thinking about it...
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