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      May 1, 1986The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, May 1986

      January 1, 2017Behavior & Society

      How to Be a Better Spender

      Four tips from experts on how to get more joy from your purchases
      December 17, 2008Mind

      Learning By Surprise

      Novelty enhances memory. That fact has practical implications for educators
      September 1, 2015Mind

      Solving the Mystery of Parkinson's [Book Excerpt]

      When scientists tracked the genes behind an inherited form of the disease, they uncovered vital clues about how it progresses
      June 1, 1997Health

      Gene Therapy for the Nervous System

      Inserting genes into brain cells may one day offer doctors a way to slow, or even reverse, the damage from degenerative neurological disease
      April 1, 2015Mind

      Stem Cells Could Repair Parkinson’s Brain Damage

      New methods for growing and transplanting cells offer hope for treating Parkinson’s and other degenerative diseases
      May 1, 2014Neurological Health

      Stem Cell Therapy Could Transform Parkinson's

      Stem cell therapy is emerging as a promising treatment for Parkinson's disease
      December 17, 2012

      The dopamine side(s) of depression

      Depression is a disease with a difficult set of symptoms. Not only are the symptoms difficult to describe (how do you really describe anhedonia, before you know the word for it?), symptoms of depression manifest in different ways for different people...
      August 1, 1986Health

      Transplantation in the Central Nervous System

      Transplanted embryonic neurons can establish functional connections in the adult brain and spinal cord, long believed to be immutable In mammals. Such grafts might reverse damage from disease or injury...
      July 1, 2009Mind

      Readers Respond to Avoiding the Big Choke--And More...

      Letters to the editor about the February/March 2009 issue of Scientific American MIND
      March 1, 2016Neuroscience

      What a Long-Ago Epidemic Teaches Us about Sleep

      A form of encephalitis that caused both wakefulness and profound somnolence reveals much about our inner clocks
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