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      May 1, 1963Environment

      Radiation Belts

      It has been five years since these rings of trapped particles were discovered. Presenting a review of present knowledge of the belts, with special reference to particles injected by nuclear explosions...
      July 22, 1871The Sciences

      Correspondence- July 22, 1871

      February 28, 1874The Sciences

      Correspondence - February 28, 1874

      May 1, 1982The Sciences


      An "atom" made up of a heavy quark and an antiquark provides the best available system for examining the forces that bind together the elementary constituents of subnuclear particles
      March 29, 1884The Sciences

      Electric Launches

      February 1, 1961The Sciences


      On problems of the idea of cause, not only in physics but also in science as a whole
      June 1, 1955The Sciences

      James Clerk Maxwell

      In the same year that Einstein was born, the man who was perhaps his greatest immediate predecessor died. Generally regarded as an abstract theoretician, Maxwell relied heavily on mechanical models...
      June 1, 2010Technology

      12 Events That Will Change Everything

      In addition to reacting to news as it breaks, we work to anticipate what will happen. Here we contemplate 12 possibilities and rate their likelihood of happening by 2050
      August 1, 1979The Sciences

      Problems in Physics with many Scales of Length

      Physical systems as varied as magnets and fluids are alike in having fluctuations in structure over a vast range of sizes. A novel method called the renormalization group has been invented to explain them...
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