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      September 28, 2010Mind

      Women's Brains on Steroids

      Birth control pills appear to remodel brain structure
      September 6, 2011Cognition

      How Accurate Are Memories of 9/11?

      Recollections of the circumstances of how we first heard of the 2001 terrorist attacks may feel extraordinarily vivid and true, but they are flawed
      February 1, 2016Mind

      Critical Ingredients for Brain Development

      An understanding of formative periods of intense learning during childhood suggests strategies for correcting neurological and psychiatric disorders later in life
      November 3, 2017Medicine

      MDMA’s Journey from Molly to Medicine

      MDMA-assisted psychotherapy readies for phase III trials, a last step before possible prescription use in PTSD patients
      August 2, 2011Mind

      Do Bees Have Feelings?

      Provocative experiments suggest that the insects have something like an emotional life
      April 1, 2002Mind

      The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease

      The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health
      March 14, 2018Neuroscience

      Portrait of a Memory

      Researchers are painting intricate pictures of individual memories and learning how the brain works in the process
      May 1, 2013Mind

      Is Ketamine the Next Big Depression Drug?

      Ketamine, an anesthetic and illicit party drug, is emerging as a fast-acting antidepressant
      June 9, 2014Mind

      Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up?

      Quick Quiz: Which of the following are signs of introversion? Highly sensitive Deep Thinker Reflective Introspective Intelligent Negative emotions Socially Anxious Defensive Vulnerable Always prefers solitude over social interaction Answer: Not a single one...
      July 1, 2012Mind

      Rats Laugh, but Not Like Humans

      Do animals other than humans have a sense of humor? Maybe so
      September 1, 2015Mind

      Why So Many People Have Pets

      People have an innate interest in other species, but we like having pets for a variety of social reasons
      June 1, 2008Mind

      Chronic Itching: Causes and Cures

      How to get relief from the insatiable need to scratch
      April 1, 2005Mind

      Strangely Familiar

      Researchers are starting to pin down what déjà vu is and why it arises. But have you read this already? Maybe you just can't remember
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