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      July 5, 2018Behavior

      Are We All a Little Paranoid?

      Kafka’s novel, The Trial, is often described as a descent into the ravings of a paranoid mind. Yet could there be a little paranoia in us all?
      August 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Natural High

      The brain produces its own "marijuana-like" chemicals to protect neurons, and researchers hope to exploit these compounds to ease anxiety, obesity and addiction
      July 1, 2017Neuroscience

      Mind over Meal: Does Weight-Loss Surgery Rewire Gut–Brain Connections?

      New evidence hints that bariatric surgery changes the dialogue between bowel and brain
      April 1, 2002Mind & Brain

      The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease

      The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health
      February 1, 2016Mind & Brain

      Critical Ingredients for Brain Development

      An understanding of formative periods of intense learning during childhood suggests strategies for correcting neurological and psychiatric disorders later in life
      March 14, 2018Neuroscience

      Portrait of a Memory

      Researchers are painting intricate pictures of individual memories and learning how the brain works in the process
      December 1, 2005Mind & Brain

      Control Your Anger

      Should you regulate your emotional reactions or let them rip?
      June 1, 2005Mind & Brain

      Head Attack

      You're late, the traffic is a nightmare and you're yelling at the kids to stop fighting in the back. Is your mental stress putting you at greater risk for a heart attack?
      August 2, 2011Mind & Brain

      Do Bees Have Feelings?

      Provocative experiments suggest that the insects have something like an emotional life
      November 3, 2017Medicine

      MDMA’s Journey from Molly to Medicine

      MDMA-assisted psychotherapy readies for phase III trials, a last step before possible prescription use in PTSD patients
      May 1, 2015Behavior

      Why Do We Have Pets?

      People have an innate interest in other species, but we like having pets for a variety of social reasons
      September 1, 2015Mind & Brain

      Why So Many People Have Pets

      People have an innate interest in other species, but we like having pets for a variety of social reasons
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