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      July 3, 2009Environment

      Animals of the Disappearing Mangroves

      As mangrove forests shrink worldwide, a menagerie of specially adapted animals that depend on them are at risk, too
      July 1, 2010The Sciences

      Microscopic Giants

      Mat of microbes the size of Greece discovered on seafloor
      February 1, 2012Evolution

      A Long Flight but No Baggage

      The new monarch genome gives clues to how the butterflies travel
      September 1, 2013Health

      Gene Sequencing Reveals the Dynamics of Ancient Epidemics

      New DNA recovery and sequencing technology is at last allowing scientists to assemble entire genomes of ancient scourges—and elusive modern ones
      August 23, 2011The Sciences

      The East Coast Earthquake in Pictures [Slide Show]

      The staff at Scientific American's New York City office felt the August 23 earthquake and quickly snapped some shots of the scene in Manhattan
      March 1, 2012Environment

      Zombie Flies May Be Killing Honeybees

      Scientists have uncovered a surprising clue to the causes of colony collapse disorder
      September 1, 2012Evolution

      Fish Swap Dinner for Sex

      Unendowed males lure females with treats
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