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      July 3, 2009Environment

      Animals of the Disappearing Mangroves

      As mangrove forests shrink worldwide, a menagerie of specially adapted animals that depend on them are at risk, too
      July 1, 2010The Sciences

      Microscopic Giants

      Mat of microbes the size of Greece discovered on seafloor
      February 1, 2012Evolution

      A Long Flight but No Baggage

      The new monarch genome gives clues to how the butterflies travel
      May 29, 2009The Sciences

      Slide Show: Top 10 New Species Discovered in 2008

      From the smallest sea horse to a naturally decaffeinated coffee tree, the International Institute for Species Exploration's annual top 10 list proves that Earth is still full of bizarre and fascinating plants and animals awaiting human discovery...
      June 1, 2009Environment

      Cooking Goes Solar

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