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      November 1, 2011Mind & Brain

      Readers Respond to "The Sunny Side of Smut"--and More

      Letters to the Editor about the July/August 2011 issue of Scientific American Mind
      November 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      Mind over Magic? Conjuring Reveals How Our Neural Circuits Can Be Hacked

      Magicians dazzle us by exploiting loopholes in the brain's circuitry for perceiving the world and paying attention
      June 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Just a Bit Different

      With special training early in life, children born with Down syndrome have a higher chance of developing into independent individuals
      September 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      New Techniques Make Math Fun for All

      With the right lesson plan, teachers can turn struggling students into budding mathematicians. The secret is carefully guiding their adventure in numbers
      December 8, 2017Behavior

      Are Social Networking Sites Controlling Your Mind?

      Users must decide if the benefits of these sites outweigh their costs, but can that decision be made freely if social networking sites are potentially addictive?
      October 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      MIND Reviews: October/November 2007

      Reviews and recommendations from the October/November 2007 issue of Scientific American MIND
      July 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      Readers Respond to "Being in the Now"

      Letters to the editor from the March/April 2013 issue of Scientific American MIND
      March 12, 1881The Sciences

      Selection and Preparation of Food

      April 1, 1993Mind & Brain

      Listening with Two Ears

      Studies of barn owls offer insight into just how the brain combines acoustic signals from two sides of the head into a single spatial perception
      January 1, 2017Culture

      Readers Respond to “No Workplace Like Home” and More

      Letters about Scientific American Mind’s September/October 2016 issue 
      September 1, 2014Cognition

      Readers Respond to "The Engine of Memory"

      Letters to the editor from the May/June 2014 issue of Scientific American MIND
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