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      February 1, 2009Mind & Brain

      Six Ways to Boost Brainpower

      The adult human brain is surprisingly malleable: it can rewire itself and even grow new cells. Here are some habits that can fine-tune your mind
      August 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Coming to Attention

      How the brain decides what to focus conscious attention on
      December 1, 2005Mind & Brain

      Control Your Anger

      Should you regulate your emotional reactions or let them rip?
      June 1, 2005Mind & Brain

      Head Attack

      You're late, the traffic is a nightmare and you're yelling at the kids to stop fighting in the back. Is your mental stress putting you at greater risk for a heart attack?
      June 9, 2014Mind & Brain

      Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up?

      Quick Quiz: Which of the following are signs of introversion? Highly sensitive Deep Thinker Reflective Introspective Intelligent Negative emotions Socially Anxious Defensive Vulnerable Always prefers solitude over social interaction Answer: Not a single one...
      May 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      Is Ketamine the Next Big Depression Drug?

      Ketamine, an anesthetic and illicit party drug, is emerging as a fast-acting antidepressant
      September 10, 2012Health

      Hey, Andrew Sullivan, Stop Calling My Penis "Mutilated"

       Andrew Sullivan, gay political pundit and blogger at The Daily Beast , lobbed some rather nasty insinuations my way last Wednesday. He was flabbergasted that any fellow gay man could possibly think that infant male circumcision is justifiable...
      August 3, 2010Mind & Brain

      Laughing rats and ticklish gorillas: Joy and mirth in humans and other animals

      Last week, while in a drowsy, altitude-induced delirium 35,000 feet somewhere over Iceland, I groped mindlessly for the cozy blue blanket poking out beneath my seat, only to realize—to my unutterable horror—that I was in fact tugging soundly on a wriggling, sock-covered big toe...
      October 9, 2017Mental Health

      Unmasking Anxiety in Autism

      Anxiety can assume unusual forms—turning uncertainty, or even a striped couch, into a constant worry
      October 20, 2015The Sciences

      Can Female Mice Improve Autism Research?

      Researchers angling for government funds must now include both sexes in their animal studies—or explain why they don’t
      September 1, 2017Behavior

      Post-Truth: The Dark Side of the Brain

      A growing number of politicians are talking nonsense with impunity. False information is proliferating. What’s worse, the human brain loves it
      December 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Mind Reads

      Reviews and recommendations from the December 2006/January 2007 issue of Scientific American MIND
      July 1, 2011Mind & Brain

      Thinking by Design

      The science of everyday beauty reveals what people really like--and why
      May 1, 2016Behavior

      Unstructured Play Is Critical to Child Development

      Free, imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. It makes us better adjusted, smarter and less stressed
      January 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      Wisdom from Psychopaths?

      A scientist enters a high-security psychiatric hospital to extract tips and advice from a crowd without a conscience
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