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      May 29, 2009The Sciences

      Slide Show: Top 10 New Species Discovered in 2008

      From the smallest sea horse to a naturally decaffeinated coffee tree, the International Institute for Species Exploration's annual top 10 list proves that Earth is still full of bizarre and fascinating plants and animals awaiting human discovery...
      June 1, 2009Environment

      Cooking Goes Solar

      February 1, 2013Health

      Whipworm Eggs May Soothe the Stomach

      Parasite eggs may soothe the stomach
      August 1, 2012Evolution

      How Octopuses Hide in Plain Sight to Trick Predators

      Octopuses can make themselves invisible
      June 16, 2009The Sciences

      Do Gay Animals Change Evolution?

      Animals that engage in same-sex sexual behavior may be acting in accord with adaptational strategies rather than against them--and bending the way we think about evolution
      April 27, 2009Environment

      Bill Becker: Fighting for Cleaner Air

      The Scientific American 50 environmental policy leader of 2002 is still lobbying full steam ahead for less air pollution
      April 1, 2013The Sciences

      Dung Beetles Follow the Stars

      The excrement-rolling bugs navigate by the light of the Milky Way
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