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      January 1, 2012Mind & Brain

      Forgetting is Key to a Healthy Mind

      Letting go of memories supports a sound state of mind, a sharp intellect--and superior recall
      July 1, 2012

      Self-Compassion Fosters Mental Health

      Research shows how to reap the benefits of self-compassion
      August 1, 2018Neuroscience

      When the Mind’s Eye Is Blind

      Some people find it impossible to imagine a friend’s face or their own apartment—a phenomenon named aphantasia. Scientists are beginning to tease out the brain features underlying the condition...
      March 1, 2014Mind & Brain

      Why Greed Begets More Greed

      Bad behavior gets “paid forward” more than kindness. It need not be that way
      December 20, 2018

      There Is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought

      Philosopher Peter Carruthers insists that conscious thought, judgment and volition are illusions. They arise from processes of which we are forever unaware
      March 1, 2011Environment

      The Smallest Mind

      Scientists use light to make worms start, stop and lay eggs
      January 1, 2011Mind & Brain

      Calendar: MIND events in January and February

      Museum exhibits, conferences and events relating to the brain
      May 24, 2006Mind & Brain

      In Search of Memory: An Interview with Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel

      In this episode, the guest is Eric Kandel, recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. Kandel discusses his research, his personal background and their intersection. He talks about what kinds of scientific investigation he finds most interesting and worthwhile and where he would concentrate if he were beginning his research career today...
      March 1, 2015Mind & Brain

      Book Review: Smart People Don’t Diet

      Books and recommendations from Scientific American MIND
      June 11, 2020

      The Glimmer of a Silver Lining

      Traumatic events such as pandemics can spur transformative psychological growth
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