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      August 24, 2010Health

      Can Exercise Make You Feel More Full?

      A study of fat swimming and running rats indicated that exercise induces brain chemistry changes that decrease appetite
      September 22, 2011Biology

      A Graphic Look at Obesity--Inside and Out

      A new detailed picture of the biological consequences of the global weight problem, as visualized by the scientifically tuned illustrations of theVisualMD
      July 23, 2009Environment

      Saving the Good, the Bad--And the Ugly [Slide Show]

      A hyena might not be as adorable as a tiger cub or dolphin, but a few champions of nature's endangered ugly underdogs say the hideous are just as worthy of protection as the huggable
      August 20, 2009The Sciences

      The Origin of Dogs

      Fido's cousins may be Eurasian wolves, but new findings complicate the details of domestication
      November 4, 2010Biology

      U.S. Jaguar Habitat Designation Delayed

      The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has said it needs another year to study the endangered big cat's potential range north of the border before deciding on a protected area
      July 27, 2009Environment

      Seawater Gets a New Definition

      In hopes of better modeling salinity and currents, oceanographers have adopted a new international standard for gauging seawater
      September 8, 2009Health

      Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Created from Fat Cells

      An unlikely team of cardiologists and plastic surgeons have found a way to make adult induced pluripotent stem cells quickly and easily from a readily available resource--fat
      June 1, 2010Health

      Deadly Pandemic

      Notwithstanding the tameness of H1N1, influenza viruses could still wipe out millions and wreak economic havoc
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