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      April 23, 2009Environment

      Wildfires Fuel Climate Change

      A warmer climate mean more fires, and more fires mean more greenhouse gases, says new report
      July 8, 2009Environment

      Endangered Species Get Iced in Museum DNA Repository

      Genetic information from species on National Park Service land that are threatened with extinction will now be frozen and stored for future research at the American Museum of Natural History...
      August 19, 2009Mind & Brain

      The Origin of Hatred

      Brain scans reveal how hate begins to emerge--and it's not too far from love
      June 4, 2009Health

      Is there such a thing as "cell phone elbow"?

      Do cell phone chatterers have more to fear than bulky monthly bills? An orthopedic surgeon explains what cubital tunnel syndrome--aka "cell phone elbow"--is, and whether it's worth worrying about...
      December 1, 2013Health

      Genetic Cures for the Gut

      March 6, 2013Biology

      Salt Linked to Autoimmune Diseases

      Nanowires used to disarm single genes in cells without harming or altering them were used to reveal that sodium chloride might cause harmful T cell growth
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