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      May 1, 2010Health

      Genetics in the Gut

      Intestinal census suggests how microbes can drive obesity and other metabolic ills
      December 16, 2010Health

      Drug-Resistant Genes Spread among Bacteria

      Unlike other superbugs, a new class of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are gaining their power from easily transferable genes such as NDM-1
      September 1, 2012Health

      Researchers Disagree about How to Extend Human Life Span

      Two approaches to longevity research aim to extend the average life span out to a century or more
      February 10, 2010Biology

      Long-Locked Genome of Ancient Man Sequenced

      Preserved in hair and bone samples for 4,000 years, the DNA of an early Greenlander reveals new clues about everything from skin color to migration patterns
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