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      January 1, 1993Evolution

      Madagascar's Lemurs

      These primates can tell us a great deal about our own evolutionary past. But many species are already extinct, and the habitats of those that remain are shrinking fast
      May 15, 2012Biology

      The Football Concussion Crisis

      NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson joins former NBC anchor Stone Phillips and pathologist Bennet Omalu for a discussion of chronic traumatic encephalopathy among football players. Recorded May 12th at the, site of the new play Headstrong about the brain injury issue...
      April 1, 2002Mind & Brain

      Vision: A Window on Consciousness

      In Their Search for the Mind, Scientists are Focusing on Visual Perception-How we Interpret what we See
      May 18, 2012Environment

      The Scienceblogging Weekly (May 18, 2012)

      Blog of the Week:For the greatest portion of the history of biology, every organism was a "model organism". One would pick a problem and then choose which organism would be most suited for answering those particular questions...
      November 29, 1902The Sciences

      Science and Literature

      July 28, 2010Mind & Brain

      Arguing with Non-Skeptics, Part 2 of 2

      A panel discussion on arguing with non-skeptics at the recent Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism in New York City featured James Randi, George Hrab, D. J. Grothe and podcast host Steve Mirsky...
      January 1, 2004Mind & Brain

      Humbled by History

      Over the centuries, many "proven" ideas about the brain were later found lacking, a lesson worth remembering today
      November 1, 1999Mind & Brain

      Vision: A Window on Consciousness

      In their search for the mind, scientists are focusing on visual perception--how we interpret what we see
      April 1, 1955The Sciences

      Man Viewed as a Machine

      "Muscle" and "brain" machines do much of his daily work. Now he conceives a machine that will reproduce itself. This once again brings up the question of whether man himself is only a machine...
      March 3, 2015Mind & Brain

      What is Déjà Vu?

      Déjà vu describes the strange experience of a situation feeling much more familiar than it should. Young people experience déjà vu the most.
      October 9, 2017Mental Health

      Unmasking Anxiety in Autism

      Anxiety can assume unusual forms—turning uncertainty, or even a striped couch, into a constant worry
      September 1, 2015Neuroscience

      Out of Sync: How Modern Lifestyles Scramble the Body's Rhythms

      Digital devices and 24/7 lifestyles are messing with our body's natural rhythms, threatening our health. What does it take to keep our inner clock ticking?
      January 30, 1858The Sciences

      Correspondents - January 30, 1858

      May 1, 1974Mind & Brain

      Visual Pathways in Albinos

      A genetic abnormality in Siamese cats, white tigers and other albino mammals provides a natural experiment for investigating how the brain acquires an orderly picture of the outside world...
      January 1, 2009Environment

      Testing Natural Selection with Genetics

      Biologists working with the most sophisticated genetic tools are demonstrating that natural selection plays a greater role in the evolution of genes than even most evolutionists had thought...
      July 1, 2015Mind & Brain

      Do Brain Training Games Work?

      Despite the hype, when science meets commerce, objectivity is often the loser
      June 1, 2008Mind & Brain

      The Neurobiology of Trust

      Our inclination to trust a stranger stems in large part from exposure to a small molecule known for an entirely different task: inducing labor
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