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      August 31, 2020Book

      Stressed Out: Causes, Effects and Keeping Calm

      Chronic stress makes people sick. The fight-or-flight response activates our bodies to face immediate threats, but that stress system must turn off to allow organs to recover. Constant anxiety keeps the system active, and in this eBook, we examine the effects of ongoing stress and trauma on both body and mind as well as ways to arm ourselves against adversity by managing stress and building resilience...
      Stressed Out: Causes, Effects and Keeping CalmStressed Out: Causes, Effects and Keeping Calm
      July 7, 2008The Sciences

      Recognizing Patterns: Ciamac Moallemi

      A 1991 Westinghouse finalist realizes after a stint in finance that he would rather follow in his parents' academic footsteps
      September 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      Readers Respond to "He Said, She Said"-- And More...

      Letters to the editor about the May/June 2010 issue of Scientific American MIND
      April 1, 2013The Sciences

      Recommended: Also Notable

      Books and recommendations from Scientific American
      November 1, 2011Mind & Brain

      Sparks in Your Sleep

      September 15, 2020Cognition

      How to Be a Mystical Skeptic

      Psychologist Susan Blackmore stays grounded in science while exploring the outer reaches of consciousness.
      July 1, 2016Space & Physics

      NASA's Juno Spacecraft Is Scheduled to Arrive at Jupiter on July 4

      It will be the first spacecraft to probe deep below the planet’s thick cloud decks
      June 2, 2009

      Does who scores the first goal determine who wins a hockey game?

      When Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin hit a snap shot past Detroit Red Wings goalie, Chris Osgood, just under 17 minutes into Game Two of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals on Sunday, Pittsburgh fans probably grew optimistic...
      December 25, 1852The Sciences

      The Poetry of Mechanism

      September 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      MIND Reviews: Denial

      Books and recommendations from Scientific American MIND
      October 1, 2008Mind & Brain

      How Unconscious Mechanisms Affect Thought

      Clever experiments root out nooks and crannies in the brain that are hidden from your conscious awareness
      May 1, 2015Mind & Brain

      When Will Obama Be Forgotten? Study Reveals Cultural Memory Patterns

      A 35-year-long study traces recollection of past presidents and finds predictable trends
      October 1, 2017Behavior

      Why People Refuse to Believe Scientists

      It has nothing to do with science itself
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