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      September 1, 2020Engineering

      The First Subway in New York City Was a Cylindrical Car Pushed by Air

      Scientific American editor Alfred Ely Beach revealed the secretly built wonder in 1870
      September 5, 2012Health

      "Junk" DNA Holds Clues to Common Diseases

      With the new annotation of the human genome, researchers are finding that most of the code between genes is controlling crucial functions for life and health
      August 6, 2009Health

      Heart-Lung Machine May Not Be the Culprit in Post-Op "Pump Head" Syndrome

      Bypass surgery patients who were on a heart-lung machine often find their brain function slipping for months or years afterward. A new study--and a simple lesson in the scientific method--points to cardiac disease itself as the underlying cause of "pump head"...
      July 31, 2009The Sciences

      Fungus Makes Zombie Ants Do All the Work

      A tropical fungus has adapted to infect ants and force them to chomp, with surprising specificity, into perfectly located leaves before killing them and taking over their bodies
      August 24, 2009Health

      Satellites Used to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks

      From avian flu to cholera, infectious diseases may not be able to hide for long. Some researchers have their sights trained on predicting their every move with detailed satellite data
      September 10, 2009Mind & Brain

      Earlier Model of Human Brain's Energy Usage Underestimated Its Efficiency

      A long-held model of the brain's efficiency crumbles as researchers find that one function of mammals' brains consumes a lot less energy than previously assumed. Now, basic measurements of neural activity--from brain energy budgets to fMRI results--may have to be reassessed...
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