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      March 15, 2012Evolution

      Worm Discovery Illuminates How Our Brains Might Have Evolved

      Genetic traces similar to those in vertebrate brains have been found in lowly worms, but not all scientists are convinced that complex brains were already in the works more than 500 million years ago...
      July 23, 2010Public Health

      How Does a Heat Wave Affect the Human Body?

      Some might like it hot, but extreme heat can overpower the human body. An expert from the CDC explains how heat kills and why fans are worthless in the face of truly high temperatures
      February 23, 2012Biology

      First Horses Shrunk by Warming Climate

      The sizes of the earliest equines followed the ancient temperatures through major climate change, adding evidence to a centuries-old evolutionary theory
      October 3, 2011Biology

      What Is Propofol--and How Could It Have Killed Michael Jackson?

      The King of Pop's doctor, Conrad Murray, is on trial for involuntary manslaughter, but could propofol alone have caused MJ's death? Harvard anesthesiologist Beverly Philip explains what gives this drug such lethal potential...
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