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      September 1, 2012The Sciences

      Next Steps in the Higgs Boson Hunt

      Finding a new particle completes one puzzle and begins another
      May 3, 2006The Sciences

      Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek and Betsy Devine.

      In this episode, Nobel Prize winning physicist Frank Wilczek talks about his new book, Fantastic Realities, as well as his research and the current and future state of physics. His wife, Betsy Devine, talks about taking the phone call from Stockholm informing Professor Wilczek that he had been awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics...
      January 13, 2012

      Magnetoastrocoolness: How Cosmic Magnetic Fields Shape Planetary Systems

      AUSTIN, Texas—Astrophysicists have a funny attitude toward magnetic fields. You might say they feel both repelled and attracted. Gravitation is assumed to rule the cosmos, so models typically neglect magnetism, which for most researchers is just as well, because the theory of magnetism has a forbidding reputation...
      December 17, 2011

      Does the "Goddamn" Higgs Particle Portend the End of Physics?

      What does it say about particle physics that the Higgs boson has generated so much hullaballoo lately? Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland have reportedly glimpsed "tantalizing hints" of the Higgs, which might confer mass to quarks, electrons and other building blocks of our world...
      September 1, 2015Space & Physics

      What Einstein Got Wrong

      Everyone makes mistakes. But those of the legendary physicist are particularly illuminating
      September 1, 1992The Sciences

      Gravity Quantized?

      A Visual History of Science, from the Pages of Scientific American [Slide Show]

      Streamers of Sparks from a 40-foot-tall Van de Graaff Generator, 1934

      Nikola Tesla, the iconoclastic inventor and engineer, famous for his contributions to the field of electromagnetism, wrote the feature article accompanying this cover about the limitations on the much celebrated Van de Graaff generator...
      October 1, 1998Space & Physics

      String Instruments

      String theory may soon be testable
      June 1, 2015Space & Physics

      Dark Matter Particles Interact with Themselves

      This never-before-seen phenomenon could help explain what comprises dark matter
      April 16, 2014Space & Physics

      It’s the End of Fundamental Physics... Again

      Fellow Scientific American blogger John Horgan is at it again. This time he is heralding the end of fundamental physics based on the increasing time lag between Nobel Prizes awarded for fundamental discoveries...
      February 8, 2016The Sciences

      Merging Black Holes: A Matter of Some Gravity

      Two black holes merging can cast off a few percent of their total mass as gravitational waves in just minutes, sending the final object off on a high-speed journey through the universe...
      May 1, 2015Space & Physics

      The Mysteries of the World's Tiniest Bits of Matter

      Physicists have known for decades that particles called gluons keep protons and neutrons intact—and thereby hold the universe together. Yet the details of how gluons function remain surprisingly mysterious...
      June 1, 2019Space & Physics

      The Experiment That Will Probe the Deepest Recesses of the Atom

      Where do protons and neutrons get their mass and spin? Surprisingly, we don't know. A new facility promises to peek inside these particles to find answers
      December 12, 2011The Sciences

      Waiting for the Higgs, With the Man Who Built the LHC

       They call it “the machine.”Thousands of physicists working at the LHC are looking for the Higgs boson and other new particles, and many of them have contributed to building the gigantic detectors that are taking most of the media limelight these days.But humming 100 meters under the Franco-Swiss border is the apparatus that makes it all possible...
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