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      May 9, 2017Natural Disasters

      Gophers versus the Volcano

      Pocket gophers survived the Mount Saint Helens eruption in their underground burrows and immediately went to work bringing back the ecosystem. 
      Gophers versus the Volcano
      July 1, 2008Space & Physics

      Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime

      A new approach to the decades-old problem of quantum gravity goes back to basics and shows how the building blocks of space and time pull themselves together
      November 12, 2007Technology

      Nanotubes May Make Best Bulletproof Vest

      A thin vest of tiny carbon nanotubes may have the potential to stop bullets without even the bruising left by today's vest technology. Cynthia Graber reports.
      February 8, 2012Mind & Brain

      What You Need to Succeed and How to Find Out If You Have It

      Whether you succeed at work may depend on many factors—intelligence, empathy, self-control, talent and persistence, to name a few. But one determinant may outweigh many of these: how you perceive those around you...
      January 14, 2020الصحة العقلية والنفسية

      فقدان نصف الدماغ لا يعني نهاية المطاف

      الباحثة الرئيسية لـ"للعلم": الشبكات الدماغية لدى الأفراد الذين فقدوا جزءًا من أدمغتهم تنشط لأداء مهمات كانت تؤديها الأجزاء المفقودة مثل الوظائف المعرفية والإدراكية...
      December 1, 1999Mind & Brain

      How the Brain Creates the Mind

      Philosophers, neuroscientists and laypeople have long wondered how the conscious mind comes to be. A more complete understanding of the workings of the brain ought to lead to an eventual solution...
      April 3, 2012The Sciences

      The Titanic: 100 Years Later

      A look back at one of the biggest moments in steamship history, including how Scientific American covered it
      March 11, 2010Mind & Brain

      Arranged Marriages Can Be Real Love Connection

      Speaking March 10th at the 92nd Street Y's Tribeca site in New York City, Scientific American MIND contributing editor Robert Epstein discussed how arranged marriages can surpass love matches for long-term contentment...
      March 1, 1968Mind & Brain

      Bilingualism and Information Processing

      A person who can speak two languages has clearly mastered two sets of symbols. Experiments that cause the two sets to interact provide important clues to how the mind works
      March 24, 2017Biotech

      Mind-Reading Computers That Can Translate Thoughts into Words

      In his latest book, Adam Piore explores how bioengineers are harnessing the latest technologies to unlock untapped abilities in the human body and mind, like translating neural brain patterns of thoughts into written words...
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