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      May 21, 2010Health

      How Many Cancers Are Caused by the Environment?

      Some experts say a decades-old estimate that six percent of cancers are due to environmental and occupational exposures is outdated and far too low
      September 3, 2013The Sciences

      Farming a Toxin to Keep Crops Healthy

      Genetically modified crops that produce the pest-killing toxin Bt increase yields and reduce the use of noxious chemical insecticides. But like any powerful tool, they must be used responsibly...
      February 25, 2010Biology

      The Poisoner's Handbook: The Sinister Side of Chemistry

      Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Deborah Blum talks about her new work, The Poisoner's Handbook, a look at how easy it used to be to kill someone with poison and the researchers who made poisoning much harder to get away with...
      November 1, 2012The Sciences

      Does Congress Get a Passing Grade on Science?

      Scientific American asks leaders of a dozen House and Senate committees for written answers to eight policy questions related to science and technology
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