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      November 16, 2011Health

      1 in 5 Has Significant Hearing Loss

      One in five Americans has their daily life affected by hearing loss--and earbuds blaring loud music may be just a small factor. Katherine Harmon reports
      February 22, 2012Biology

      Stress Linked to Aging Chromosomes

      Chromosome-protecting telomeres are shorter in people with depression--which has been linked to irregular stress hormone levels. Katherine Harmon reports
      April 25, 2012Health

      Blood Flow Fingered in Ice Cream Headaches

      The anterior cerebral artery widens just before brain freeze, sending warming blood to the brain but increasing the pressure to painful levels. Katherine Harmon reports
      May 15, 2012Health

      Car Commutes Can Counter Conditioning

      Car commutes are linked to increased metabolic health problems, and the longer the ride the worse the issues. Katherine Harmon reports
      August 29, 2012Health

      Midlife Fitness Cuts Chronic Disease Later

      Being in good shape in your 30s through 50s not only increases life span but also improves quality of life for decades to come. Katherine Harmon reports
      June 14, 2013Health

      Patients Prefer Diet Skinny from Big Docs

      Overweight patients are more likely to take weight-loss advice from overweight doctors, but the advice from thin doctors may be of higher quality. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 18, 2013Health

      Use Care with Cat Caca

      Our feline friends might be carrying hazardous organisms in their waste, so be careful when scooping that poop. Katherine Harmon reports
      May 7, 2012Fitness

      Instant Egghead - How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

      Professional "free divers" have no trouble holding their breath for minutes at a time. What stops us from doing the same? In this episode, Scientific American 's Katherine Harmon--and Katherine Harmon--explore the limits of human physiology...
      Instant Egghead - How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
      September 6, 2011Health

      Yellowing Eyes May Keep Seniors Awake

      Yellowing of the eye lenses changes the array of incoming light wavelengths, which can affect circadian rhythms, including sleep patterns. Katherine Harmon reports
      September 28, 2011Health

      Docs Think We Get Too Much Doctoring

      Many U.S. physicians think that their patients and their patient's purses could get by with less medical care. Katherine Harmon reports
      November 8, 2011Health

      Hybrid Grapefruit Busts Drug Interactions

      Common grapefruits have a compound that can negatively interact with some medications. A new hybrid grapefruit solves the problem. Katherine Harmon reports
      April 5, 2012Health

      Kids Fail to Get Outdoors

      Boys get more outside playtime than girls, and almost half of parents do not take their preschool-aged kids out to play once a day. Katherine Harmon reports
      April 17, 2012Health

      U.S. Fast Food Contains More Salt

      Fast food chains say it's hard to hold the salt, but outlets in other countries are already cutting back on sodium. Katherine Harmon reports
      December 19, 2012Health

      Video Helps with Weight Info Basics

      The American Chemical Society has produced a YouTube video with info to help you survive the holiday eating season. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 16, 2013Health

      Skin-Cancer Spotting Apps Miss Their Marks

      New smart phone apps that purport to assess patients' skin lesions as cancer or not are unreliable, according to a new study. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 19, 2012Mind & Brain

      Where You Vote May Affect How You Vote

      Subjects randomly surveyed within view of a church gave more conservative responses than those surveyed within view of a secular school. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 18, 2012Mind & Brain

      Give Time to Feel Less Time-Squeeze

      Giving time to others can have the paradoxical effect of making you feel like you have more time yourself. Katherine Harmon reports
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