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      Space & Physics

      Scientific American Space & Physics is a new publication that goes from quantum to cosmic with a roundup of the most important stories about the universe and beyond.
      Space & Physics

      Physics: New Frontiers

      Science fiction has imagined some pretty wild ideas about how the universe could work – from hidden extra dimensions in Interstellar to life as a mental projection in The Matrix. But these imaginings seem downright tame compared with the mind-bending science now coming out of physics and astronomy, and in this eBook, we look at the strange and fascinating discoveries shaping (and reshaping) the field today.
      Physics: New Frontiers
      December 1, 2007The Sciences

      Worlds Apart

      Physics and biology both reveal overlooked universes alongside our own
      March 1, 1965The Sciences


      Lord Rutherford and the origins of nuclear physics at Manchester
      August 4, 1917The Sciences

      The Electrical Properties of Gases—IV

      Which Enable Important Problems in Physics To Be Studied
      July 28, 1917The Sciences

      The Electrical Properties of Gases—III

      Which Enable Important Problems in Physics to be Studied
      August 12, 1911The Sciences

      The Spectrohelioǵraph

      The Most Important Instrument in the Study of Solar Physics
      April 1, 1984The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, April 1984

      The physics of Grandmother's peerless homemade ice cream
      August 1, 1985The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, August 1985

      Cooking outdoors with simple equipment demonstrates aspects of thermal physics
      July 1, 1984The Sciences

      Books, July 1984

      Green manures, sport physics, Southwest Indians, radioactivity in the environment
      May 1, 1995The Sciences

      Top Price for the Top Quark

      A critic decries the cost of particle physics
      May 24, 1919The Sciences

      Stellar Evolution

      An Attempt to Correlate Two Outstanding Problems of Physics
      December 1, 2000The Sciences

      The Amazing Acenes

      Organic crystals show siliconlike abilities and may elucidate fundamental physics
      March 1, 1981The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, March 1981

      The physics of spinning tops, including some far-out ones
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