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      His Brain, Her Brain

      Boy or girl? Even before a person is born, that’s the first thing everyone wants to know—underscoring just how much value humans place on gender. In this eBook, we take a closer look at the anatomical, chemical and functional differences in the brains of men and women—as well as some surprising similarities. 

      * Editor’s note: Special Edition was published as His Brain, Her Brain.
      His Brain, Her Brain
      April 26, 2013Mind & Brain

      Autism Linked to Placenta Abnormalities

      A new finding could enable detect of increased risk of autism at birth, which could enable early treatment or interventions
      June 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Detecting Autism Early

      New techniques could diagnose autism in babies, enabling more effective treatment while the brain is most malleable
      November 1, 2012Health

      Are Geeky Couples More Likely to Have Kids with Autism?

      Children of scientists and engineers may inherit genes that not only confer intellectual talents but also predispose them to autism
      May 5, 2017Behavior

      When Sex Is a Foreign Language

      Sexuality can be baffling for people with autism—a situation science has mostly ignored
      January 16, 2017Mind & Brain

      Autism Risk May Arise from Sex-Specific Traits

      Genetic sequences that code for physical features that differ between boys and girls also seem to contribute to risk for the disorder 
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