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      June 1, 2004Health

      Times of Our Lives

      Whether they're counting minutes or years, biological clocks keep our brains and bodies on time, perhaps even on schedule for death
      November 1, 2011Mind

      Minuscule Eye Motions Reveal Your True Thoughts

      Tiny subconscious eye movements called microsaccades stave off blindness in all of us—and can even betray our hidden desires
      February 1, 2006Mind

      Fighting Parkinson's

      June 1, 1987The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, June 1987

      October 1, 2018Neuroscience

      Neuroscientists Use Rabies to Explore the Brain

      Using engineered forms of the rabies virus, neuroscientists can map brain circuits with unprecedented precision
      January 1, 2017Neuroscience

      Dopamine: The Currency of Desire

      Rethinking the “pleasure molecule” could help scientists better understand addiction, Parkinson’s disease and motivation 
      April 1, 2010Mind

      Faulty Circuits

      Neuroscience is revealing the malfunctioning connections underlying psychological disorders and forcing psychiatrists to rethink the causes of mental illness
      September 1, 1973Health

      Chemical Intervention

      The chemical substances administered for medical purposes include not only drugs but also vaccines, hormones, anesthetics and even foods. All such measures lend themselves to use, abuse and misuse...
      April 1, 2018Math

      How Seashells Take Shape

      Mathematical modeling reveals the mechanical forces that guide the development of mollusk spirals, spines and ribs
      November 1, 2015Mind

      A Brain Surgery Revolution: Using Sound Instead of Scalpels

      Doctors can now operate deep within the brain using focused ultrasound, ushering in a new era of faster, safer incision-free procedures
      February 1, 2006The Sciences

      Times Of Our Lives

      Whether they're counting minutes, months or years, biological clocks help to keep our brains and bodies running on schedule
      June 1, 1974Mind


      These chemicals released from nerve-fiber endings are the messengers by means of which nerve cells communicate. Neurotransmitters mediate functions ranging from muscle contraction to the control of behavior...
      September 1, 1992Mind

      Aging Brain, Aging Mind

      Late in life the human brain suffers attrition of certain neurons and undergoes chemical alterations. Yet for many people, these changes do not add up to a noticeable decline in intelligence...
      October 24, 2014Cognition

      Biological Clocks Operate on Many Scales

      Whether they're counting minutes, months or years, biological clocks help to keep our brains and bodies running on schedule
      April 1, 1982Mind

      Nutrients That Modify Brain Function

      They are the precursors of neurotransmitter molecules. Increasing their level in the brain amplifies signals from some nerve cells. In effect they act like drugs, and one day they may serve as drugs...
      August 1, 1977Mind

      Second Messengers in the Brain

      Nerve cells communicate by secreting neurotransmitters. These chemical messages are translated by "second messengers" within the cell into transient and longer-lasting physiological actions...
      September 1, 1979Mind

      The Chemistry of the Brain

      Signals are sent from one neuron to another by diverse chemical transmitters. These chemical systems, overlaid on the neuronal circuits of the brain, add another dimension to brain function...
      September 1, 1979Mind

      The Organization of the Brain

      The brain and spinal cord of mammals, including man, consist of some billions of neurons, and a single neuron may connect with thousands of others. How is this enormous three-dimensional network organized?...
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