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      Battling Drought: The Science of Water Management

      The extreme drought in the US Southwest has brought the issues of water use into the media spotlight. The one-two punch of climate change and political turf battles that have plagued the area since the Wild West have upped the ante for rethinking our policies.
      Battling Drought: The Science of Water Management
      March 1, 2003Environment

      Data Points: March 2003

      August 2, 2009Environment

      Global Warming Beliefs

      How we perceive the future of our Earth may depend on an individual's view of nature and on their own human nature. Christie Nicholson reports
      June 1, 2009Environment

      The Arctic Thaw Could Make Global Warming Worse

      The melting Arctic is releasing vast quantities of methane. How big is this greenhouse threat? What can be done?
      February 1, 1992Environment

      Night Heat

      Sulfate pollutants may slow daytime warming
      December 1, 2016Climate Change

      Thawing Permafrost Would Accelerate Global Warming

      Thawing Arctic tundra will likely speed up climate change for a century or more. The question is: How drastically?
      April 22, 2015Environment

      State of Earth in 4 Climate Trends

      On Earth Day, four climate trends reveal what's happening to our changing climate
      June 1, 1995Environment

      Rio Redux

      Surprise! Promises of the Earth Summit are still unmet
      July 31, 2012Environment

      New Beginning for the Climate Change Discussion

      Thursday 26 th July saw the launch of , a new English language science blog network., the brand-new home for Nature Network bloggers, forms part of the SciLogs international collection of blogs which already exist in German , Spanish and Dutch ...
      March 1, 1997Environment

      The Rising Seas

      August 9, 2021Climate Change

      Earth Is Warmer Than It’s Been in 125,000 Years

      A landmark assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change says greenhouse gases are unequivocally driving extreme weather, but nations can still prevent the worst impacts...
      April 10, 2014Climate Change

      On Climate Surveys, the People Agree—Mostly [Interactive]

      It’s interesting to see how different points can pique the interest of different people looking at the same data set. My colleague Mark Fischetti (senior editor and partner-in-crime for many of the Graphic Science items in the magazine) was intrigued by bipartisan agreement on questions related to global warming in the survey results shown in [...]..
      December 1, 2006The Sciences

      Al Gore

      U.S. Vice PresidentThe former presidential candidate is the preeminent spokesperson on climate change
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