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      June 13, 2016Environment

      Arctic Researcher Bears Up for Science

      Wildlife researcher Joel Berger dons a polar bear outfit to study the reactions of musk oxen to the threat of bears increasingly driven onto the land for food. 
      Arctic Researcher Bears Up for Science
      August 1, 2017Behavior

      What Self-Talk Reveals about the Brain

      Studies of the conversations people have with themselves open a window on the hidden workings of the mind
      May 1, 2012Mind & Brain

      This Is Your Brain on Drugs

      To the great surprise of many, psilocybin, a potent psychedelic, reduces brain activity
      June 3, 2008Mind & Brain

      Of Two Minds When Making a Decision

      We may make snap judgments, or mull things carefully. Why and when do we use the brain systems behind these decision-making styles?
      The Sciences

      Truer Than Truth

      Trompe l'oeil illusions challenge your perception
      May 28, 2008Mind & Brain

      The Neuroscience of Illusion

      How tricking the eye reveals the inner workings of the brain
      June 15, 2012Mind & Brain

      Quiz: How Nice Are You?

      Answer these 10 simple questions to find out if you benefit from being highly agreeable
      November 6, 2014Environment

      Catching Big Mama Fish Curbs Ocean Fertility

      Scientists recently confirmed what anglers have known for centuries—there's something special about a big mama fish. The bigger the fish, the better the bragging rights—and often, the bigger paycheck or prize...
      January 19, 2016Mental Health

      The Science of Healing Thoughts

      Journalist Jo Marchant explores surprising new research into curing the body with the mind
      December 1, 2018Behavior

      Bad First Impressions Are Not Set in Stone

      People are more willing to change their mind about people they initially deem “nasty” versus those they deem “nice”
      August 11, 2009Mind & Brain

      Why We Get lost

      Scientist Colin Ellard talks about our sense of direction--and what it suggests about our connection to the planet
      January 1, 2014Biology

      Getting to Know the Voices in Your Head

      We talk to ourselves to stay motivated, tame unruly emotions, plan for the future and even maintain a sense of self
      December 9, 2013Roots of Unity

      Mathematics+Fatherhood: an Interview with Darren Glass

      Back in September, I published an interview with mathematician and mom Constance Leidy by mathematician and mom Lillian Pierce. It was part of a series of interviews for the Association for Women in Mathematics about how women balance motherhood with their mathematical careers...
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