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      July 28, 2011Health

      Gout on the Rise as Americans Gain Weight

      Many researchers are proposing a link between the increasing number of gout sufferers in the U.S. and the expanding waistlines of adults
      September 27, 2011Biology

      Are Health Care Workers Who Decline Flu Shots Irresponsible?

      More than a third of U.S. health care employees were not vaccinated last flu season. Research shows that the unvaccinated staff have a decent chance of getting sick--and passing that infection on to at-risk patients...
      August 27, 2009Health

      Should Doctors Disclose Conflicts of Interest to Trial Patients?

      Research shows that clinical trial participants want to know if an investigator stands to profit from the outcome of a study, even though such disclosure not currently required. But some think that's just signing off on a larger problem...
      September 16, 2009Mind & Brain

      Loci Color: Gene Therapy Cures Color-Blindness in Adult Monkeys

      A treatment that appears safe and effective in treating natural color-blindness in monkeys might just lead to colorizing the world for similarly afflicted people, along with restoring sight to those with other retinal diseases...
      June 1, 2010The Sciences

      Pacific Earthquake

      Will the overdue Big One tear California asunder?
      April 27, 2010Biology

      Do Chimpanzees Understand Death?

      Like tool use and self-awareness, distinct grief and mourning might be just one more thing we share with our closest living relatives
      October 26, 2010The Sciences

      Ozzy Osbourne's Genome Reveals Some Neandertal Lineage

      What genetic oddities does rock's Prince of Darkness and beheader of bats have entangled deep in his genetic code? Knome, the company that analyzed Ozzy's full genome, divulges some of the details in a Q&A...
      May 5, 2010Mind & Brain

      Mothers' Depression Can Go Well Beyond Children's Infancy

      Many mothers continue to have depressive symptoms well into their child's youth, which can have lasting impacts on their children's development, but new research shows short therapy sessions can improve outlook...
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