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      December 1, 1999Mind & Brain

      The End of Nature versus Nurture

      Is human behavior determined by genetics or by environment? It may be time to abandon the dichotomy
      May 6, 1899The Sciences

      Sanitary Painting

      December 17, 1892The Sciences

      Optical Projection

      August 31, 1867The Sciences

      Editorial Correspondence

      January 1, 2014Biology

      Adults Can Have ADHD, Too

      Newly recognized, adult ADHD threatens the success and well-being of 4 percent of adults. A combination of treatments can help the afflicted lead a more productive life
      June 1, 1993The Sciences

      Eugenics Revisited

      Scientists are linking genes to a host of complex human disorders and traits, but just how valid--and useful--are these findings?
      May 12, 2016Space & Physics

      Sean M. Carroll Looks at The Big Picture

      Caltech theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll talks about his new book The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself. (Dutton, 2016) 
      Sean M. Carroll Looks at The Big Picture
      September 17, 1910The Sciences

      Correspendence- September 17, 1910

      February 23, 1884The Sciences

      Notes and Queries - February 23, 1884

      January 29, 2013

      Cats Are Ruthless Killers. Should They Be Killed?

      Syndicated on Salon as Death to the house cat!; Featured on The Browser and BBC Future Every few months, the fact that domestic cats are ruthless killers hits the news.
      November 1, 1950Evolution

      Is Man here to Stay?

      Throughout evolutionary history all dominant forms of life except man have been supplanted. Thus far the new dominant forms have sprung from unobtrusive, unspecialized creatures
      December 1, 1936The Sciences

      Chemistry and the Farmer

      Scientific Research to Aid the Farmer, New Jobs for Idle Men and Idle Acres, Coordination of Agencies into One Chemurgic Enterprise
      April 29, 1893The Sciences

      Shall we Examine?

      September 18, 2017Book

      Ask the Brains, Part 2: Answers to 62 Common Questions on the Mind

      From irrational phobias to a midlife crisis, we've all experienced moments of utter confusion about the nature of our own behavior, emotions or perception of reality. In this eBook, neurologists and other scientists share what they know about how the mind works, including some of these baffling psychological experiences...
      Ask the Brains, Part 2: 62 Answers to Common Questions on the MindAsk the Brains, Part 2: 62 Answers to Common Questions on the Mind
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