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      February 19, 2009The Sciences

      Why would a chimpanzee attack a human?

      After a chimp mutilated a Connecticut woman's face, some are questioning the wisdom of keeping wild animals as pets
      October 4, 2010Conservation

      20,000 Species Under the Sea [Slide Show]

      The Census of Marine Life's decadelong quest to take stock of sea life comes to a close with a slew of new species, population estimates and plenty of big unknowns
      February 18, 2014The Sciences

      Can Space Tourism Companies Keep Their Customers Safe and Healthy?

      Are overeager space tourists endangering their health?
      June 21, 2009Evolution

      Were dinosaurs lightweights?

      The dinosaurs that roamed Earth millions of years ago might not have been nearly as massive as we’ve long imagined, says a paper published today in the Zoological Society of London's Journal of Zoology ...
      June 30, 2009Environment

      Gray wolf returns to endangered list in northern Midwest

      After just a couple months off the endangered species list, the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes is back to “threatened” status. A government reversal, not a sudden drop in the 4,000-plus wolf population, put the animals back on the protected list, the Associated Press reports...
      November 10, 2011Health

      Specialized Immune Cells Fight Hardening Arteries

      Immune cells do more than just fend off infections. When cholesterol starts building up in arteries, scavenger white blood cells known as macrophages report to the scene to start trying to digest it...
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