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      January 25, 2010The Sciences

      Homing In on Mammalian Echolocation

      From 3-D scanning to genetic sequencing, researchers are using new tools to uncover information about this ability possessed by flying and swimming mammals alike
      July 28, 2010Biology

      Social Ties Boost Survival by 50 Percent

      A meta-study covering more than 300,000 participants across all ages reveals that adults get a 50 percent boost in longevity if they have a solid social network
      January 6, 2011Evolution

      Jaws of Life: High-Power Scans Reveal Teeth, Food of Ammonites

      An important indicator species in the fossil record, ammonites played a major ecological role in their day, so figuring out what--and how--they ate should lead to a bounty of new knowledge about the ancient ocean...
      October 4, 2012

      Baby Mice Born from Eggs Made from Stem Cells

      Stem cells have been coaxed into creating everything from liver cells to beating heart tissue. Recently, these versatile cells were even used to make fertile mouse sperm, suggesting that stem cell technology might eventually be able to play a role in the treatment of human infertility.Now two types of stem cells have been turned into viable mouse egg cells that were fertilized and eventually yielded healthy baby mice...
      March 27, 2009The Sciences

      Texas vote moves evolution to the top of the class

      The Texas Board of Education voted today by a 13-to-2 margin to change controversial language in the state's curriculum, making it harder for creationism to creep into public classrooms...
      July 2, 2009The Sciences

      Ant colony crosses continents

      Those ants crawling across your picnic table this weekend might be members of a massive, transnational ant mafia, recently reported by researchers in Japan and Spain.
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