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      December 1, 2015Space & Physics

      New Ideas in the Search for Dark Matter

      The invisible dark matter particles that dominate the universe may come in strange and varied forms
      August 29, 1908The Sciences

      The History of Electric Motive Power

      A Brief Record of Rapid Development
      December 12, 2011The Sciences

      Waiting for the Higgs, With the Man Who Built the LHC

       They call it “the machine.”Thousands of physicists working at the LHC are looking for the Higgs boson and other new particles, and many of them have contributed to building the gigantic detectors that are taking most of the media limelight these days.But humming 100 meters under the Franco-Swiss border is the apparatus that makes it all possible...
      June 15, 2018Space & Physics

      The Standard Model (of Physics) at 50

      It has successfully predicted many particles, including the Higgs Boson, and has led to 55 Nobels so far, but there’s plenty it still can’t account for
      May 14, 2020Evolution

      A Failure of Imagination

      Nature does not have to play fair with our puny human brains
      June 1, 2010

      Extra Dimensions

      The world's biggest particle collider might uncover new slices of space
      September 1, 2016

      Is It Possible to Measure Supernatural or Paranormal Phenomena?

      Where the known meets the unknown we are tempted to inject paranormal and supernatural forces to explain unsolved mysteries. We must resist the temptation because such efforts can never succeed...
      June 1, 2012

      Happy Birthday, Electron

      Lorentz's electron theory of 1892 bridges classical and modern physics
      April 4, 2013Environment

      Is "Social Science" an Oxymoron? Will That Ever Change?

      I've been mulling over the potential, and limits, of social science again lately. One reason is that last month philosopher James Weatherall of the University of California at Irvine visited my school, Stevens Institute of Technology, to talk about his new book The Physics of Wall Street ...
      May 1, 1976

      The Mass of the Photon

      The particle of electromagnetic radiation is often assumed to be massless, but the laws of physics do not require that assumption. If the photon has a mass, however, it must be exceedingly small...
      January 10, 2012The Sciences

      What If There Were No Gravity?

      The universe would be flat and featureless, says a University of Towson physicist. Harder: how about if gravity were switched off at a certain point after the universe formed?
      May 1, 2012The Sciences

      Much Ado about Nothing

      Science closes in on why there is something instead of nothing
      April 1, 1985

      Elementary Particles and Forces

      A coherent view of the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces governing them has emerged. It embraces disparate theories, but they may soon be united in one comprehensive description of natural events...
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