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      July 29, 2013Evolution

      Bush-crow diaries: Reflecting on Ethiopia

      Having now returned and back into the busy schedule of postgraduate life and the write-up, I would be lying to say that daydreams of Ethiopia skies haven’t been regularly crossing my mind...
      March 11, 2010Mind & Brain

      Arranged Marriages Can Be Real Love Connection

      Speaking March 10th at the 92nd Street Y's Tribeca site in New York City, Scientific American MIND contributing editor Robert Epstein discussed how arranged marriages can surpass love matches for long-term contentment...
      March 9, 2015Book

      Ask the Experts: The Human Body and Mind

      The third eBook in our Ask the Experts series, Human Body and Mind  tackles questions about our own strange and mysterious biology, from how we evolved to exist this way to feats of body and mind...
      Ask the Experts: Human Body and MindAsk the Experts: Human Body and Mind
      August 11, 2011Health

      Self-love at the Big Box Store

      Thanks to my Science peeps Twitter feed I came across this recent story from Gawker Love of Wal-Mart Moves Man to Masturbate in Public.
      December 1, 2015Electronics

      Cameras That See around Corners Are Closer Than You Might Think

      Bouncing photons let cameras see beyond the line of sight
      December 13, 2017Computing

      Something Clicks for Dolphin Identification

      Machine-learning algorithms teased seven distinct dolphin clicking patterns from a library of more than 50 million clicks, identifying one species by sound alone. Christopher Intagliata reports...
      Something Clicks for Dolphin Identification
      July 11, 2018Behavior

      The Art of Lying

      Lying has gotten a bad rap. In fact, it is among the most sophisticated accomplishments of the human mind. But how can one tell if a person is fibbing?
      July 8, 2021Fitness

      Aging’s True Tactics

      New research pins the maximum length of human life
      July 8, 2014The Sciences

      Urban Science Adventure: Appreciating Bees

      Now is the time to get outdoors and experience what the world has to offer. One thing that you can keep in mind is that there are insects everywhere, including our back yards!
      June 20, 2015Mind & Brain

      Oliver Sacks on Stage Fright

      Neurologist Oiver Sacks, a best-selling chronicler of disorders of the brain and mind, describes how he copes with stage fright.
      July 1, 2019Space & Physics

      A Symphony of Science

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