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      September 20, 2012Health

      Make Healthy Choices Easier Options

      Making bad choices harder is actually the best way to help people get healthier, say public health experts. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 24, 2013Health

      New Tick-Borne Disease Waits in the Woods

      The lone star tick has been fingered as the carrier of a recently characterized infectious disease called Heartland virus. Katherine Harmon reports
      November 9, 2013The Sciences

      Do These Microbes Make Me Look Fat?

      Mice that were implanted with the gut bacteria of obese humans gained more weight than mice that got microbes from thin people. Katherine Harmon reports.
      November 25, 2013The Sciences

      Mushrooms Create Their Own Breeze

      Mushrooms can make a slight spore-dispersing breeze to spread their genetic material even if the air is calm. Katherine Harmon reports
      October 11, 2011Health

      Diet Counters Bad Gene

      People with genetic variant 9p21, which predisposes them to heart disease, lowered their risk with a healthful diet. Katherine Harmon reports
      March 13, 2012Health

      How Yoga Might Relieve Stress-Linked Ailments

      Yoga may increase parasympathetic nervous system activity and neurotransmitter levels, helping to decrease symptoms of some stress-related illnesses. Katherine Harmon reports
      April 11, 2012Biology

      Biological Clock Ticks Despite Technology

      Women who wish to conceive later in life have benefited from improvements in reproductive technology. But even those have expiration dates. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 10, 2012Health

      Mice Hit Protein to Stop Hunger

      Normal mice fed protein stopped eating much sooner than mice that lacked the receptor to sense they were eating protein. Katherine Harmon reports
      August 15, 2012Health

      Doc Calls Deconditioning a Condition

      A Mayo Clinic doc says physicians may miss the signs of extreme deconditioning and prescribe medication instead of long-term exercise programs. Katherine Harmon reports
      September 5, 2012Health

      Organic Benefits Don't Include Enhanced Nutrition

      Produce grown organically cuts pesticide use and the promotion of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But nutrient levels appear similar to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Katherine Harmon reports...
      September 13, 2011Health

      Five Factors Cut Diabetes Risk

      Dealing with any one of five key lifestyle risk factors can lower the risk of developing diabetes by about a third. Katherine Harmon reports
      October 19, 2011Health

      Hairdressers Can Be Skin Cancer Detectors

      Hair care pros often spot possible skin cancers on the scalp. Dermatologists recommend they be trained to do it more and better. Katherine Harmon reports
      February 9, 2012Health

      Smart-Phone App Catches Depression Onset

      A smart-phone app in development for depression patients tracks contacts and movement, and prompts activities when patterns show withdrawal. Katherine Harmon reports
      May 22, 2012Health

      Waves of Walkers Wander without Waking

      A large survey finds evidence that millions of Americans had at least one episode of sleepwalking in the last year. Katherine Harmon reports
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