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      Space & Physics

      Scientific American Space & Physics is a new publication that goes from quantum to cosmic with a roundup of the most important stories about the universe and beyond.
      Space & Physics

      Physics: New Frontiers

      Science fiction has imagined some pretty wild ideas about how the universe could work – from hidden extra dimensions in Interstellar to life as a mental projection in The Matrix. But these imaginings seem downright tame compared with the mind-bending science now coming out of physics and astronomy, and in this eBook, we look at the strange and fascinating discoveries shaping (and reshaping) the field today.
      Physics: New Frontiers
      March 24, 1997The Sciences

      Leaping Leptoquarks!

      Hints of "new physics" emerge from German accelerators
      May 1, 1990The Sciences

      Can't Get There From Here

      Quantum physics puts a new twist on Zeno's paradox
      February 1, 2008The Sciences

      The Future of Physics

      The Editors' introduction to the physics Special Report
      June 1, 2008The Sciences

      A New Iron Age

      New class of superconductor may help pin down mysterious physics
      June 7, 1913The Sciences

      Radiations Old and New—II

      Corpuscular and other Rays and their Relation to Molecular Physics
      January 1, 1983The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, January 1983

      Simple and vivid demonstrations of advanced concepts in physics
      August 1, 1965The Sciences


      Is it possible for anyone to "understand" physics?
      October 1, 1994The Sciences

      Wall Street

      Refugees from physics find joy as "derivatives geeks"
      July 21, 1917The Sciences

      The Electrical Properties of Gases—II

      Which Enable Important Problems in Physics to be Studied
      October 1, 1963The Sciences

      The Conservation Laws of Physics

      Modern physics rests largely on classical laws of the constancy of such quantities as electric charge. The extension of physics into new realms, however, requires that these laws be re-examined...
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