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      March 14, 1896The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - March 14, 1896

      October 1, 1992The Sciences

      How Many Species Inhabit the Earth?

      The sad truth is that no one knows. The answer is relevant to efforts to conserve biological diversity and could illuminate crucial questions about evolution and management of the environment...
      February 22, 1908The Sciences

      Index of Inventions

      November 16, 1889The Sciences

      Index of Inventions- November 16, 1893

      May 1, 1969The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist - May 1969

      How to blow soap bubbles that last for months or even years
      October 11, 1890Technology

      Index of Inventions- October 11, 1890

      December 17, 1904The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - December 17, 1904

      October 18, 1902The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - October 18, 1902

      February 1, 1945Technology

      A Century Of Engineering

      By Reviewing the History of Mechanical Engineering and Its Effects on the Industrial Era of Today, a Background is Established Against Which Many of the Possiisbilities of the Future Can Be Evaluated...
      April 4, 1908The Sciences

      Index of Inventions

      May 15, 1869The Sciences

      Official List of Patents

      June 16, 1888The Sciences


      July 25, 1885The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - July 25, 1885

      July 24, 1897The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - July 24, 1897

      August 20, 1870Technology

      Official List of Patents- August 20, 1870

      November 1, 1963The Sciences

      Architectural Acoustics

      Sound is as much a part of man's man-made environment as heat or light. It can now be effectively managed, notably in rooms where music is heard, by applying the principles of acoustical physics...
      August 8, 1908The Sciences

      Index of Inventions

      January 14, 1882The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - January 14, 1882

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