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      January 1, 1922Technology

      A Catapult and Turntable for Airplanes

      The Navy's device for Launching Airplanes into the Wind, without Changing the Course of the Ship
      March 1, 1934Environment

      The New Terranautics

      The Findings of the Wind Tunnel Are Not Always Applicable to the Design of Motor Cars
      April 12, 1919The Sciences

      The Dustfall of March, 1918

      Conclusions as to the Possibilities of the Wind as a Geologic Agent
      March 1, 2017Mental Health

      Case Study: When Chronic Pain Leads to a Dangerous Addiction

      How did an educated, elderly engineer wind up with a heroin habit? 
      June 1, 1929Environment

      Aerodynamic Wind Mills

      Airplane Science is Applied to Wind Mills for Greater Power and Efficiency
      July 1, 1972The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, July 1972

      An amateur makes a wind tunnel to study the vortexes that form around a cylinder
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