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      January 20, 2009Health

      Is Obama right that technology can lower health care costs?

      Millions of people in the U.S. and around the world watched the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as he vowed to rebuild and reunite a fractured nation facing war, economic turmoil and other major challenges...
      March 30, 2009Evolution

      Massive lions prowled North America not so long ago

      Large lions roamed North America and Europe as recently as 13,000 years ago, according to a new study published in Molecular Ecology . "These ancient lions were like a super-sized version of today's lions, up to 25 percent bigger," study co-author Ross Barnett, a researcher at the Ancient Biomolecules Centre at the University of Oxford's department of zoology, said in a statement...
      September 18, 2013Octopus Chronicles

      How Does That Crazy Camouflage Octopus Disappear? [Video]

      The vanishing octopus is back. This stunning cephalopod, caught on video by Roger Hanlon, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, has been making the rounds online again...
      June 30, 2014Evolution

      Dr. Octopus Heads to the Operating Room

      Robotic surgery has proved itself to be less than perfect so far. Stiff robotic limbs, burning surfaces, numerous complications. But what if that surgeon’s assistant was less like a standard robot—and more like an octopus?...
      March 7, 2014Octopus Chronicles

      Amazing Mimic Octopus Caught in Thailand [Video]

      The mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) eluded formal description until 2005. Perhaps it was this banded cephalopod’s incredible impersonation abilities that kept it from science for so long...
      March 31, 2014Environment

      Elusive Dwarf Octopuses Hatch in Captivity

      In the dark of night, between Monday, March 17, and Tuesday, March 18, dozens of fully formed baby octopuses burst forth from their outsized eggs.
      November 15, 2010Climate

      Climate projections: Visualizing global warming in the round

      BOULDER—Thin clouds of dust blow off the west coast of Africa toward the Caribbean; wisps of black carbon emissions roil over the U.S. These big-picture global chemical equations can often get lost deep in complex climate datasets...
      July 19, 2011Ecology

      Odd Insect Fossils Suggest Early Carnivorous Lifestyle

      A recently described swarm of fossil insects unearthed from a 100 million-year-old South American formation are a Frankensteinian riot of mismatched parts: lengthy praying mantis-like front legs; long, slim wings like a dragonfly; and wing-vein patterns to match those of modern-day mayflies...
      February 6, 2012Health

      Baby-Led Weaning Leads to Leaner Kids

      Those little pursed lips and that tiny crinkled nose might not just mean that your baby isn't a fan of pureed peas or mashed sweet potatoes. Some of the refusals to all of those "here-comes-the-airplane" attempts to feed a weaning infant might also be the child’s way of saying that she or he is just not hungry.New research suggests that babies who are given more control over their own food intake as they're being weaned off of breast milk or formula might end up with healthier body weights...
      December 25, 2011Health

      Green Glow Shows RNA Editing in Real Time

      It's a long way from gene to protein. The dogmatic scenario is: DNA gets transcribed into RNA, which gets translated into protein. But in real life, and in real living things, the workings aren't quite that simple.One example: individual units of RNA sometimes need to be converted, in what's called RNA editing, into related entities for the ultimate formation of the right proteins...
      October 12, 2009Mind

      It's all Chinese to me: Dyslexia has big differences in English and Chinese

      Chinese dyslexia may be much more complex than the English variety, according to a new paper published online today in Current Biology . English speakers who have developmental dyslexia usually don't have trouble recognizing letters visually, but rather just have a hard time connecting them to their sounds...
      October 21, 2009The Sciences

      Spooky new spider weaves monster webs

      One of the largest orb-weaving spiders had remained hidden from entomologists in plain sight. The new species of giant golden orb weaver ( Nephila komaci ), which builds meter-wide webs, entangled a doctoral student who stumbled upon a specimen in a museum collection...
      August 27, 2009Health

      How fast are humans mutating?

      Humans seem to have accelerated the pace of just about everything from communication to climate change, but the rate of our genetic mutation remains slow and steady.
      September 4, 2009Health

      Are firefighters raising healthcare costs?

      Firefighters responded to at least 10 times more medical emergencies than fire-related calls across the U.S. last year, The New York Times reported yesterday.
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