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      June 1, 2011Biology

      Penguin Groups Use Physics to Avoid the Crush and Keep Warm

      With thousands of Emperor penguins ( Aptenodytes forsteri ) huddled close together for warmth on the ice sheets of Antarctica, there seems bound to be some competition for a toasty spot near the middle...
      May 31, 2013Evolution

      Unusual Offshore Octopods: Telescope Octopus Has Totally Tubular Eyes

      Big eyes can be a big benefit—allowing an animal to see potential prey and predators coming from a wider field. For the octopus, this is especially important in the open ocean, where knowing what is around—or above or below—you is crucial for survival.One type of octopus has taken a different approach to wide-angle vision...
      March 31, 2014Biology

      Scientists Move to Patent Octopus Robot

      Scientists have spent years crafting a very special, creepy robot. One that can crawl over obstacles, swim through surf and grasp just about any object.
      March 10, 2009Health

      How can you tell if coffee is really decaf?

      Has Daylight Saving Time messed with your bedtime? Or perhaps the tumbling stock market has you tossing and turning past lights-out. Or maybe, just maybe, you can't sleep because of that "decaf" you ordered at dinner...
      March 22, 2009Environment

      Globe dives into World Water Day

      Happy World Water Day! Today is the 16th annual United Nations-sponsored water awareness day. This year's theme "Sharing Waters Sharing Opportunities" aims to up knowledge about all of the bodies of fresh water (263 by the U.N.'s count) that cross – or create – international borders...
      March 6, 2009Health

      Companies voluntarily banish BPA from bottles

      As politicos bandy about the issue of banning bisphenol A (BPA), the hard-plastic additive that's been linked to a host of health problems, several companies have recently announced that they will banish it from their baby products...
      March 24, 2009The Sciences

      Pollan hopes for star farmers, more local food

      Bestselling food author and backyard naturalist Michael Pollan says that for the first time in decades, farms in the U.S. are on the rise. Since the 1940s, the number of farms across the country has been in steady decline, as ag giants gobble up acres, and family farms struggle to compete in a global market...
      April 1, 2009The Sciences

      April fools gets geeky: Can you spot the genuine story?

      Did any of this year's April Fools Day gags get your goose? Test your nerd knowledge by pinpointing the actual story below. (Props to TechCrunch for pulling together an impressive fools list.)

      Cloud computing in the sky
      In an effort to keep cloud computing moving at the speed of light, Amazon Web Services has introduced Floating Amazon Cloud Environment (FACE)...
      April 2, 2009The Sciences

      (Death) march of the penguins

      More than 1,000 penguins were found dead on the shores of southern Chile last weekend, reports Australia's Brisbane Times (and noted by ProMED-mail).
      November 22, 2010Health

      Second human embryonic stem cell trial cleared by FDA

      An embryonic stem cell treatment for a rare inherited form of blindness was approved Monday for clinical trials. This is only the second human embryonic stem cell-based trial to be approved by the U.S...
      February 23, 2010Biology

      In the water: Arsenic's tumor-triggering mechanism discovered

      Arsenic exposure has long been linked to cancer, but just how the toxic element triggers tumor growth has been unknown.

      A new study, published online February 23 in the journal Cancer Research , describes for the first time the impact of arsenic on crucial signals among the body's cells—a potentially potent discovery for the 100 million people worldwide whose drinking water exceeds arsenic levels recommended by the World Health Organization...
      March 4, 2010Evolution

      Dinosaurlike creature spread in Triassic times

      It looked like a dinosaur, walked like a dinosaur, and ate like, well, some dinosaurs, but a newly discovered species of archosaur, which lived 240 million years ago, was not a dinosaur...
      May 12, 2009Space & Physics

      Pluto's namer outlives planet's status, dies at age 90

      The "trans-Neptunian body," once known and loved as the solar system's ninth planet, was confirmed in photographs in February 1930. But what to call this cold, distant planet?
      May 18, 2009The Sciences

      Komodo dragon kills with venom, not bacteria

      Komodo dragons ( Varanus komodoensis ) can't chomp as hard as crocodiles and aren't as massive as grizzly bears, so how do they kill huge deer and even humans?
      May 20, 2009Environment

      EPA to rate computer servers with Energy Star

      The feds rate the energy efficiency of everything from air conditioners to dishwashers—and now you can add computer servers to the list. The U.S
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