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      August 10, 2016Space & Physics

      The Bump That Wasn't

      Despite tantalizing hints, a particle whose existence would suggest a previously unknown force of nature doesn't exist after all
      December 1, 1988


      Three Americans honored for 1960's neutrino experiment
      January 1, 2006

      The Search for Relativity Violations

      To uncover evidence for an ultimate theory, scientists are looking for infractions of Einstein's once sacrosanct physical principle
      April 2, 2009

      Joseph Demer: In Plane Sight

      A 1973 Westinghouse finalist built a moon launcher, but today he operates closer to the ground as an eye surgeon--and he flies his own plane
      September 1, 1986


      If all elementary particles are treated as strings, a consistent quantum theory emerges that accounts for all four fundamental forces. The theory may transform our ideas about space and time...
      February 1, 1978

      Supergravity and the Unification of the Laws of Physics

      In this new theory the gravitational force arises from a symmetry relating particles with vastly different properties. The ultimate result may be a unified theory of all the basic forces in nature...
      April 15, 2014The Curious Wavefunction

      Diversifiers of the world – Unite!

      On my computer screen right now are two molecules. They are both large rings with about thirty atoms each, a motley mix of carbons, hydrogens, oxygens and nitrogens.
      July 30, 2007The Sciences

      How a fake word from The Simpsons ended up in a perfectly cromulent string theory paper

      The Simpsons Movie debuted this weekend to higher-than-expected sales, bearing testament to the show's enduring popularity. If you needed any convincing that after 18 years on the air The Simpsons has thoroughly penetrated the popular consciousness, consider the following usage of the word "embiggen," one of the many fine references with which one Simpsons fan can detect another.The term comes from the 1996 episode Lisa the Iconoclast , in which we learn that a young Jebediah Springfield is supposed to have spoken it after wrestling a bison, or "land cow." Jebediah: [ on film ] A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man...
      December 1, 1980Space & Physics

      The Cosmic Asymmetry between Matter and Antimatter

      It seems the universe today is almost entirely the former. Evidence from both cosmology and particle physics (the study of the universe on the largest scale and the smallest) now suggests an explanation...
      June 27, 2012

      How Many Neutrons and Protons Can Get Along? Maybe 7,000

      The finding could be put to use at a new facility opening in 2020 that might create new elements—that is, nuclei with more than 118 protons—in addition to new isotopes of the known elements...
      April 1, 2008


      A hyped theory of everything sinks from sight
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