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      July 1, 2010Cognition

      Little Scientists: Babies Have Scientific Minds

      Even the youngest children know, experience and learn far more than scientists ever thought possible
      April 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Bird Brains? Hardly

      Parrots demonstrate impressive cognitive feats that rival the talents of chimps and dolphins
      January 1, 2016Neuroscience

      Does Brain Size Matter?

      Turns out some species are better endowed than we are in key cognitive regions
      August 1, 2006The Sciences

      Letters to the Editors, August 2006

      April 27, 2017Policy

      Is It True Facts Don't Lie?

      With climate deniers and political pundits trying to poke holes in what we know to be true, it's important to understand that science, too, is based on questioning facts
      August 30, 2013The Sciences

      We've Been Looking at Ant Intelligence the Wrong Way

      Unlike humans, ants don't build a unified map of the world. Instead specialized systems, including the ability to learn from recent experience, create complex navigational behavior
      February 1, 2018Electronics

      Are Smartphones Really Destroying the Lives of Teenagers?

      Recent headlines would have us believe that device-hooked teens are mentally and socially doomed. The reality isn't so simple
      March 1, 2020Biology

      The Married Researchers Racing to Stop Prion Disease

      For Sonia Minikel Vallabh and Eric Vallabh Minikel, the quest to prevent a fatal neurodegenerative disease is personal
      August 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Mind Reads

      Reviews and recommendations from the August/September 2006 issue of Scientific American MIND
      June 1, 2013The Sciences

      Readers Respond to "The Myth of Antioxidants"

      Letters to the editor from the February 2013 issue of Scientific American
      July 29, 2010

      Parental Verbal Abuse and Why I’m Not ROFL

      Have you heard about NCBI ROFL? It’s a previously-independent blog that has been incorporated into “Discoblog,” one of the blogs at Discover Magazine.
      June 24, 2013Mind & Brain

      A Secret Society of Cells Runs Your Brain

      Your neurons are outnumbered. Many of the cells in your brain - in your whole nervous system, in fact - are not neurons, but glia. These busy little cells shape and insulate neural connections, provide vital nutrients for your neurons, regulate many of the automatic processes that keep you alive, and even enable your brain to learn and form memories.The latest research is revealing that glia are far more active and mysterious than we'd ever suspected...
      February 22, 2011

      Cell phone emissions change brain metabolism

      Cell phones have not been convincingly linked to brain cancer, but that doesn't mean that their associated radiation has no effect on our bodies. A new study shows that these pervasive devices can alter the brain's glucose metabolism, a marker of neuronal activity...
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