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      Space & Physics

      Scientific American Space & Physics is a new publication that goes from quantum to cosmic with a roundup of the most important stories about the universe and beyond.
      Space & Physics

      Physics: New Frontiers

      Science fiction has imagined some pretty wild ideas about how the universe could work – from hidden extra dimensions in Interstellar to life as a mental projection in The Matrix. But these imaginings seem downright tame compared with the mind-bending science now coming out of physics and astronomy, and in this eBook, we look at the strange and fascinating discoveries shaping (and reshaping) the field today.
      Physics: New Frontiers
      May 1, 1982The Sciences

      Books, May 1982

      The Viking Atlantic, the history of fossils, cosmology, a handbook of physics, orchids
      September 1, 2009Technology


      Their origin is one of the deepest questions in modern physics
      September 1, 1998Technology

      Riding the Back of Electrons

      Theoretician Rolf Landauer remains a defining figure in the physics of information
      November 1, 1998Space & Physics

      Inconstant Constants

      Do distant galaxies play by different laws of physics?
      September 1, 1993The Sciences

      Super Trouble

      The threatened SSC casts a pall over particle physics
      March 1, 1994The Sciences

      The Quantum Physics of Time Travel

      Common sense may rule out such excursions --but the laws of physics do not
      December 1, 1979The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist, December 1979

      The physics and chemistry of a failed sauce béarnaise
      January 1, 2001Technology

      Complexity's Business Model

      Part physics, part poetry--the fledgling un-discipline finds commercial opportunity
      September 1, 2019Space & Physics

      The Search for Truth in Physics

      How close can physics bring us to a truly fundamental understanding of the world?
      September 27, 1913The Sciences

      Magnetism of Celestial Bodies

      An Investigation in Solar Physics Conducted by the Mount Wilson Observatory
      October 1, 2021Particle Physics

      Weird Muons May Point to New Particles and Forces of Nature

      A mismatch between theory and experiment could explain big physics mysteries
      May 1, 1950The Sciences


      A remarkable book about Einstein, written by the subject and his colleagues in physics
      January 1, 1950The Sciences


      An examination of the link between modern physics and the ideas of cause and chance
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