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      His Brain, Her Brain

      Boy or girl? Even before a person is born, that’s the first thing everyone wants to know—underscoring just how much value humans place on gender. In this eBook, we take a closer look at the anatomical, chemical and functional differences in the brains of men and women—as well as some surprising similarities. 

      * Editor’s note: Special Edition was published as His Brain, Her Brain.
      His Brain, Her Brain
      January 1, 2017Neuroscience

      Building a Brain in the Lab

      Scientists copy nature’s most complex organ in the hope of solving the mysteries of brain disorders, from autism to Alzheimer’s
      May 15, 2021Neuroscience

      Autism and the Social Mind

      Social-cognitive neuroscience offers insights into the early course of brain development and its connections to autism spectrum disorder
      April 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Autism: An Epidemic?

      A closer look at the statistics suggests something more than a simple rise in incidence
      June 23, 2014Health

      Autism Risk Higher Near Pesticide-Treated Fields

      Babies whose moms lived within a mile of crops treated with widely used pesticides were more likely to develop autism, according to new research 
      July 6, 2017Cognition

      Using Big Data to Hack Autism

      Researchers scour datasets for clues to autism—needles in a genetic haystack  of 20,000 people 
      March 10, 2014Mind & Brain

      Females Are Genetically Protected from Autism

      It takes more mutations to trigger autism in women than in men, which may explain why men are four times more likely to have the disorder
      June 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Broken Mirrors: A Theory of Autism

      Studies of the mirror neuron system may reveal clues to the causes of autism and help researchers develop new ways to diagnose and treat the disorder.
      April 30, 2008Technology

      The Monitor ep. 12--Autism and Video Games

      Are video games linked to autism? Are we the only intelligent life in the galaxy? Is PETA's X Prize for artificial meat going to work?
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