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      July 26, 2013

      Will the Robot Uprising Be Squishy?

      Octopuses offer an extreme engineering challenge: They are almost infinitely flexible, entirely soft-bodied and incredibly intelligent. Are we vertebrate humans ever going to be able to build anything as deformable and complex as a real octopus?...
      June 6, 2013

      Unusual Offshore Octopods: Great Glowing Octopus! [Video]

      What has eight arms, no bones and hundreds of bright, twinkly lights? The glowing sucker octopus ( Stauroteuthis syrtensis ), of course.This flashy octopod is one of the few of its kind to have true bioluminescence, a trait much more common in two other cephalopod relatives, squid and cuttlefish...
      April 5, 2013

      Unusual Offshore Octopods: The Weapon-Wielding Blanket Octopus [Video]

      We continue our exploration of the many mysterious octopuses that live far from shore—and the eyes of humans. Today we meet the blanket octopus ( Tremoctopus ), a genus with four species that, until recently, had only been described based on female specimens...
      April 27, 2012

      Shift Workers in Dangerous Industries Most Likely to Be Short on Sleep

      It's always nice to get the full recommended seven or nine hours of sleep every day. But life—and work—often gets in the way. And getting too little sleep can decrease attention and short-term memory and can also alter rational judgment—in addition to increasing the risk for some diseases and making it harder to lose weight.Thus, for those who work in an industry where a simple error can lead to injury or death, missing out on sleep can be seriously dangerous...
      June 1, 2012

      How Octopuses Make Themselves Invisible [Video]

      The octopus is an amazing master of disguise. It can essentially vanish, right before your eyes, into a complex scene of colorful coral or a clump of kelp waving in the currents.For a view of this phenomenon in reverse, check out this now-viral video shot by Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory senior scientist Roger Hanlon...
      July 12, 2012

      For Unendowed Fish, A Fake Dinner Leads to Sex

      The promise of a nice dinner might not always win over a woman, but for some male fish, a tasty-looking lure seems to get the girl pretty reliably. The trick is to make sure the offering resembles the local cuisine and then they can reel in the ladies hook, line and sinker.Swordtail charachin ( Corynopoma riisei ) that live in the rivers of Trinidad feast mostly on hapless bugs that plop into the water from surrounding vegetation...
      August 15, 2012

      Ebola-Like Disease Has Snakes Tied Up in Knots

      In 2009, some of the snakes at the California Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium were acting sort of s-s-s-s-strange. Scientists suspected a sickness whose cause was mysterious.
      August 16, 2012

      Is Your Slimmer Self Waiting Online?

      Losing weight and keeping it off is a common goal—and constant challenge—for millions of Americans. And people spend loads of cash on specialized diet and weight loss programs, meetings, even personal coaches...
      August 22, 2012

      1 in 5 Rx's for Seniors Is Inappropriate

      Take two of these—or should that be three? Or one?Congress recently took steps to improve the safety of children’s drugs. Now, a new study finds that those on the other end of the age spectrum also frequently receive medication that may put their health at risk.Approximately 20 percent of prescriptions that primary care providers give to patients over the age of 65 are inappropriate, according to the study, published online August 22 in PLoS ONE ...
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