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      The Science of Cancer

      The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response.
      The Science of Cancer
      April 1, 1980Health

      Sudden Infant Death

      For many years this phenomenon, in which an apparently healthy baby dies quite unexpectedly, was mystifying to physicians. New evidence points in a majority of the cases to abnormalities in respiratory control...
      January 27, 2014Health

      Fighting Cancer with Physics

      Rakesh K. Jain, director of the Edwin L. Steele Laboratory for Tumor Biology in the radiation oncology department of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, talks about his article in the February issue of Scientific American about interfering with extracellular matrix as a way to increase the efficacy of cancer therapy 

      May 13, 2013

      Video Game to Help Kids Fight Cancer

      Doctors can’t inject cancer patients with intelligent nanobots programmed to launch surgical counterstrikes against the disease. That didn’t stop a team of medical researchers and software programmers from developing a video game several years ago that helped young patients imagine such an empowering scenario...
      August 6, 2013The Sciences

      Growing the Future of Meat

      Yesterday somebody ate a $375,000 hamburger and we were promised a future of cruelty-free meat grown in a petri dish rather than in an animal. Mark Post and his team of tissue engineers funded by Google's Sergey Brin made the 5 ounce hamburger patty by assembling 20,000 tiny bits of beef muscle grown in the lab...
      June 1, 1992Health

      Genes to Order

      Companies queue up to realize the promise of gene therapy
      September 1, 1985The Sciences


      Fragments of the plant cell wall have been discovered that serve as regulatory molecules. They help to control such functions as growth, development, reproduction and defense against disease...
      October 1, 1993Tech

      Creative Evolution

      June 2, 1888The Sciences

      Timber, and Some of its Diseases

      December 1, 2015Medicine

      New Nerve Drugs May Finally Prevent Migraine Headaches

      The cause of migraine headaches has eluded scientists for centuries. Now a theory blaming one nerve has led to drugs that prevent attacks
      August 1, 1984The Sciences

      Fiber Optics in Plants

      The tissues of plant seedlings can guide light through distances as great as several centimeters. The cells of a plant may thus exploit "light pipes" to coordinate aspects of their physiology...
      May 1, 2006Mind

      Shutting Down Alzheimer's

      New research reveals strategies for blocking the molecular processes that lead to this memory-destroying disease
      August 31, 2015The Sciences

      A Surprise Source of Life's Code

      Emerging data suggests the seemingly impossible—that mysterious new genes arise from “junk” DNA
      December 1, 1958The Sciences

      Feedback in the Differentiation of Cells

      What makes the unspecialized cells of an embryo differentiate to specialized cells? One view is that the products of the chemical activity of the organism are fed back to control its development...
      April 1, 2004The Sciences

      Brief Points: April 2004

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