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      July 4, 2012The Sciences

      If You Want More Higgs Hype, Don't Read This Column

      So it's finally, probably, maybe, happened. Although they are still hedging a bit, physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced this morning that they had found the long-sought Higgs boson...
      December 20, 2012Evolution

      Chemistry and Biology: Kuhnian or Galisonian?

      Freeman Dyson has a perspective in this week's Science magazine in which he provides a summary of a theme he has explored in his book "The Sun, the Genome and the Internet".
      March 1, 2003The Sciences

      A Unified Physics by 2050?

      Experiments at CERN and elsewhere should let us complete the Standard Model of particle physics, but a unified theory of all forces will probably require radically new ideas
      April 1, 1981The Sciences

      A Unified Theory of Elementary Particles and Forces

      At a range of 10 -29 centimeter the world may be a simple place, with just one kind of elementary particle and one important force. If the proposed unified theory is correct, all matter is unstable...
      November 1, 1976The Sciences

      The Confinement of Quarks

      How is it that these elementary particles of matter that explain so much about other particles are not seen? It may be that they are held inside other particles by forces inherent in their nature...
      December 22, 2011The Sciences

      Block Radio Waves

      An electromagnetically charged challenge from Science Buddies
      October 1, 1980The Sciences

      Letters to the Editors, October 1980

      May 1, 1988

      The Mystery of the Cosmological Constant

      According to theory, the constant, which measures the energy of the vacuum, should be much greater than it is. An understanding of the disagreement could revolutionize fundamental physics...
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